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I am a veterinarian with a specialization in food hygiene and technology. I have also always practiced sailing and I love to take long walks. I am a lover of good food and healthy eating. It is possible to live a long and healthy existence by practicing constant and moderate sporting activity. Obviously it is essential to follow a correct diet, preferring healthy, low-fat foods. In addition, it would be correct to reduce the consumption of simple sugars. So I would say that it would be very useful to decrease the amount of calories introduced. It is not easy to follow precise dietary rules in modern society. I wanted to disclose my knowledge in this blog where I will talk about good nutrition and health. His address is


However, progress also provides us with numerous advantages such as the large variety of products to choose from. I studied the interactions between food and the body and the possibility of producing health benefits using food. Most of the factors that regulate our health are related to nutrition. A healthy diet includes a moderate caloric intake, a reduced amount of sodium chloride in food, few simple sugars. It is also important to make a good choice for protein sources which should not be based primarily on animal sources. In fact, meat, milk, eggs provide a large amount of essential amino acids and B vitamins but also contain a large amount of harmful fats.

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In fact, everyone knows about cholesterol and everyone knows that its blood values ​​must be understood within certain limits. Almost everyone is familiar with the terms: HDL or LDL cholesterol so I will make a brief description of these two substances for those unfamiliar with them. HDL cholesterol is also called “good” cholesterol because it has a chemical structure that does not allow it to deposit on the walls of blood vessels. It also has the characteristics of a scavenger of the arteries because it favors their cleaning. LDL cholesterol is a cholesterol that is called bad cholesterol because it has a tendency to settle on the blood vessel wall.

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‘Therefore it favors the progressive reduction of the caliber of the vessels producing circulatory problems. In addition, this condition increases the risk of thrombosis, stroke, heart attack. I have studied the consequences of food choices on human and animal health. In fact, I have verified with laboratory data that the correct food choices lead to greater health of the heart and vessels. Humans and animals that had a diet high in lipids or low in these substances were checked. I also checked human and animal individuals with a diet rich in animal proteins and low in these substances.

Or the state of health of individuals who ate only vegetable proteins or who ingested quantities of vegetable proteins in percentages was analyzed. So they supplemented their diet with reduced amounts of animal-based proteins, preferring milk and eggs to meat. Men and animals who followed this latter diet (proteins mainly of vegetable origin) had the best health conditions. So I noticed in them a reduced accumulation of body adipose tissue.

In addition there was a regularization of blood pressure. In addition, the inflammatory state of the organism had improved and, to this was added a greater resistance to diseases. In addition, there was a prolongation of life expectancy and a reduction in the incidence of tumors. In particular, another negative aspect of modern nutrition is the presence of simple sugars in food and drinks. Awareness of what is good or bad for the body is growing more and more.

So the number of curious people and eager to raise their awareness of products that harm or benefit the body increases. In particular, in recent years the availability of health products in supermarkets and specialized shops has become increasingly widespread. Furthermore, the internet, magazines and television are useful sources of information. Obviously, the attentive consumer must be able to distinguish the most authoritative sources by listening to and following the opinion of professionals.

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