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In recent years there has been a profound change in the labor market. States and corporations have lost the ability to absorb huge amounts of manpower. So the possibility of full employment and guaranteed permanent employment has disappeared. This situation can also have positive aspects if you have the ability to “invent” a job that follows new trends. Modernity has produced greater access to information useful for raising awareness on the quality and hygiene of food. Consumers of health food now know how to read the ingredients that make up food. They also know how to recognize the guarantee marks that give assurances on the quality of the product. More and more individuals are looking for products that are organic and non-GMO. They also know the symbols on the packaging that guarantee the quality of the food.


The search for these healthy foods is a trend that has seen a great deal of growth in recent years and that is sure to have tremendous development in the future. I am convinced that it would be very useful to exploit this trend and think of this new attitude towards food no longer just as a trend but above all as a system to defend animals, nature and our health. Environmental awareness is now so widespread that it is unlikely that anyone would think that it will not have an ever-increasing trend.


Preparing healthy, organic and non-GMO foods can become an excellent source of income that will have positive effects on nature, health and the environment. The negative effects that excess consumption of animal products can have on health are known. Meat, eggs and dairy products are an excellent food source of essential and branched amino acids and B vitamins. Therefore, you cannot improvise a diet that excludes foods of animal origin without looking for foods that validly replace them and without having valid knowledge of nutrition.

respect for health and nature with a correct diet


Soy can replace meat thanks to the amount and variety of amino acids it has. It has a protein content of about 36%, therefore higher than that of meat. It also contains all the essential amino acids. It is also very versatile as it can be included in a large variety of healthy and delicious recipes. It is possible to prepare excellent soy-based sauces such as Bolognese sauce with which you can dress pasta or rice. The soy sauce can be the basis of excellent fillings and fillings of savory dishes.


It is possible to cook numerous soy-based dishes at home and then sell them to consumers of healthy and environmentally friendly food. Obviously what should become a commercial enterprise must follow precise rules. In fact, it is mandatory from a legal and ethical point of view to follow the law. I assure you that this is nothing too expensive and complicated from a bureaucratic point of view. A food product prepared without following appropriate rules can be dangerous for the consumer’s health. In fact, it is essential to be careful to eliminate bacteria that are very dangerous to health, so make sure that no Clostridium Botulinum spores and toxins are present in the food. In addition, it is the bacterium responsible for botulism which is a pathology that could even be fatal. Hence, the toxins of this bacterium act on muscle synapses and can cause respiratory paralysis.


The bacterium and the toxin it produces “pollute” the food if appropriate hygiene rules are not respected. In fact, it is essential to use good quality food. Furthermore, good hygiene of the containers is mandatory. In particular, it is necessary to pasteurize the jar if the food will be consumed within a few days or sterilization if the storage times will be longer. Current legislation also provides for precise rules regarding the furnishing of the kitchen in which preserves are prepared, the quality of the food, the labels of the jars, storage times and methods. However, they are all easy to apply measures that require only a little awareness and attention. Not only botulism should be considered. In fact, it is perhaps the most dangerous of food poisoning because it can even cause death. However, there are also many pathogens, especially of a bacterial nature that can induce numerous pathologies.


In fact, although they are almost never dangerous for life, they can be very annoying. In fact, I am talking about salmonellosis which is a disease that can affect those who eat polluted or poorly stored food. A little attention is enough to avoid the risk of damaging the health of your customers and therefore not run into any legal problems. Those who want to undertake an activity aimed at the preparation and sale of “homemade” products based on organic and non-GMO soy can do it without too much difficulty.

Obviously producers and consumers of health food must inform themselves about the legislation that regulates this sector. In addition, he must speak to an accountant for all bureaucratic and tax obligations. However, they will be very simple because it is an individual company that can enjoy numerous financial and tax benefits. The Ministry of Health has issued provisions that follow the legislation of the European community. In particular, these regulations deal with the risks associated with the domestic preparation of canned food.


Canned foods are defined as those preparations subjected to a stabilization process. Therefore it has the purpose of inactivating enzymes and microorganisms naturally present in the food. In particular, they would cause alteration and loss of edibility. Therefore, the thermal processes to which foods are subjected can be pasteurization (78-80 ° C for 4-5 seconds followed by rapid cooling) or sterilization (120 ° C for 20 minutes). In addition, in addition to the applied temperature, humidity, PH and nature of the food must also be evaluated. In addition, pasteurization eliminates the vegetative forms of bacteria, extending the duration of the food by many days. So you can also apply sterilization if you want to extend the duration of the organoleptic properties of the food by many months. In fact, this treatment also eliminates bacterial spores.

Furthermore, during the storage process, the hygiene of the jars is essential and must be carefully washed. The elimination of bacteria, yeasts and molds requires great care for hygiene and therefore it is necessary to carefully follow some rules regarding the structure of the kitchen, hygiene of utensils, food storage. This introductory article aims to describe the theory behind the preparation of canning. So in the next blog articles I want to describe the process of preparing soy foods.

In addition, I will give some information to health food consumers about possible sales channels. In particular, agreements can be made with some food vendors. Or you can rely on online sales. In addition, we must not forget that it involves the preparation and sale of food intended for human consumption. So I will give my readers some information regarding the legislation in force concerning canned food.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà

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