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A sailing holiday is one of the most enjoyable types of travel. Obviously it is not suitable for those who cannot do without all the comforts of the hotel. However, it is something that I would recommend everyone to try at least once in their life. In particular, the lover of sailing holidays is a refined, cultured and sporty individual. Moreover, this type of vacation is a natural and ecological way to travel. In particular it is suitable for dynamic, thoughtful and nature lovers.


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There are people who can afford yachts of 40 or 50 meters with a large crew. Instead I have a normal sailboat of less than ten meters in which I have to do everything alone together with my travel companions who are always friends or relatives.


The travel preparation phase begins a few months earlier. In fact, at the beginning of spring I take the boat to a shipyard for the annual application of the antifouling paint.

It is a particular substance that hinders the growth of algae and molluscs on the hull during the year. Before applying the antifouling paint, the boat is left to dry on a stand so that any trace of humidity on the hull evaporates. I also check if it is necessary to carry out ordinary or extraordinary maintenance work. That is, I check the efficiency of the electrical system and the health of the batteries. In addition, I check the proper functioning of the anemometer at the top of the tree. In fact, using the wind it is an ecological way to travel. Then, immediately after the second application of the antifouling paint, the boat returns to the water and, therefore, to its place in the nautical club where it is usually moored.

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With the arrival of the summer season, the time comes for the real preparation for the boat trip. In fact, the time has come to prepare a detailed list of everything you need for a comfortable and safe journey. Moreover, a good sailor must have a lot of respect for the sea. So you need to check the good condition of the sails, the ropes (for those who are not a specific sailing expert which are the ropes on the boat), the batteries, the lights. of the motor and the autoclave. So you have to make sure you have detailed nautical charts of the place where you will be spending your holiday, i.e. a description of the coastline and a detailed map of the sea depths.

It is also essential to check the proper functioning of the batteries and their charger, of all the life-saving equipment. In particular, do not forget to make sure that you are in compliance with the R.I.N.A.

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The R.I.N.A. it is a certificate attesting to the good condition of the boat and its suitability to sail. It also approves the completeness of safety equipment such as rockets, smoke bombs, life raft. In addition to the good general condition of the boat. Certificates issued after the first are valid for five years. Obviously the owner of the boat must have the boat arrive in optimal conditions on the day of the inspection. In fact, otherwise he would risk not obtaining the certificate of qualification for navigation.


After doing the maintenance work, the R.I.N.A. and a general check of the time comes to restock the boat with food supplies. In fact, you often arrive in places where there are no restaurants or supermarkets nearby. The boat, to be an ecological way to travel, if necessary, must be an autonomous world, in which all that is useful for sustenance must be present. When I arrive in a port I like to go in search of typical local restaurants where it is possible to find excellent culinary specialties. However, the boat must contain everything you need to be able to cook a lunch or dinner.

During a boat trip it may happen that you want to spend a few days in some bay in contact with nature. In fact, I have had this experience many times during my boat trips in Greece. In addition, I was careful to select the right variety of foods to maintain a good state of health that could make the holiday enjoyable.

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One of the risks of boating is the risk of constipation. That is, due to the change in diet and due to the mild environmental conditions, a series of intestinal disorders can occur. So you have to make sure to prevent them. That is, we must maintain the habit of ingesting an adequate supply of fiber. In particular, I recommend starting with an adequate supply of wholemeal corn flakes.


Furthermore,I prefer to have breakfast with yogurt containing probiotics to keep the intestinal bacterial flora in good health. In addition, I limit the use of canned goods and preserved foods as much as possible so as not to change my food style too much compared to home nutrition. Moreover, these drastic dietary changes can cause intestinal disorders and, therefore, ruin the holiday.

In addition, if in life on land they tell us to limit the consumption of salt as much as possible, this changes on a boat. Moreover, the heat and sweat make those traveling by boat lose many salts. So it would be very useful to supplement them with fruit or fruit juices and salads dressed with a pinch of sodium chloride. In fact, dehydration and excessive loss of mineral salts would cause fatigue and difficulty concentrating that would be dangerous during a boat trip.


In addition to fiber, you need to be careful to get fresh vegetables and fruit frequently to get a sufficient supply of minerals and vitamins. In particular, it is recommended the integration of water-soluble vitamins such as B, C and H which are easily lost with sweat. Furthermore, during the summer holidays on a sailing boat, it is important to have a sufficient supply of vitamin E. In fact it has antioxidant capacity and protective action on the skin. In particular, during a sailing holiday you get a lot of tans due to the long and pleasant exposure to the sun’s rays, so the vitamin E contained in foods such as dried fruit can be very useful thanks to its protective action.

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It is also very important to be attentive to hydration. In fact, the beauty of a trip flying over the waves and pushed by the wind can make you forget you have to drink frequently. Particularly during a long sailing trip under the sun the risk of dehydration is frequent. In fact, on my boat I have good supplies of bottles of mineral water, fruit juices and supplements. It is very useful to have these drinks inside a refrigerator. In fact, the pleasure of drinking a cool drink pushes the traveler to hydrate more frequently. Often the wind is not enough to make the boat travel at the desired speed. So the thrust of the engine is added to the action of the sails. In this case the refrigerator can remain on all day because the energy consumed by the refrigerator is supplied by the engine dynamo.


On the other hand, sailors who love pure sailing love to travel almost exclusively by sail. So it is an ecological way to travel, using the engine only in case of total absence of wind or for maneuvers inside ports. In fact, sailing in the port is forbidden for safety reasons. So the sailboat needs to mount ecological power generators to power the lights and the refrigerator. In particular, I am talking about solar panels or wind generators.

I also conclude by stating that sailing is an ecological way of taking a holiday and, at the same time, an environmentally friendly sport. So I recommend to sailing enthusiasts to always be polite and respectful of the environment. In addition to not throwing any waste into the sea, especially if it is not biodegradable. In addition, the rules of good manners should be observed during the stay in the ports near the other boats, avoiding annoying noises.

dr. Massimiliano Mangafà

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