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Can anyone tell me if there is something that gives a sense of freedom like a long motorcycle trip? In fact I remember when I was younger in the early 90’s and I read the book “Latinoamericana” by Ernesto Che Guevara. Perhaps many know him more for his film version entitled “The Motorcycle Diaries”. Then the story begins on January 4, 1952 when two friends start a journey from Buenos Aires (Argentina). In particular, it is the beginning of an 8000-kilometer journey of two friends: Alberto Granado, a 29-year-old biologist and Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, a 22-year-old medical student whom the whole world will know as “el Chè”.

So the book and then the film describe a journey of formation, friendship and a sense of freedom but the main topic is the exploration of the South American countries of the 1950s. Subsequently, after the journey, the two will take different paths. In particular Alberto will go to live in Cuba where he will live for the rest of his life dying at almost 90 years old. After that Ernesto will instead undertake a political and revolutionary career by dying murdered in Bolivia in 1967.

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Reading the book and then watching the film I have often wished to be in their place. So, exploring new territories traveling with the wind on your face and in absolute freedom is something wonderful. In particular for its sense of freedom. In addition, the motorcycle allows you to park anywhere and travel along roads that are impossible for a car. The motorcycle trip is fascinating because motorcyclists are the modern version of the riders of the past. In fact, driving this mechanical vehicle has no limits of space and time. That is, in the past, after a ride of tens of kilometers on horseback, the rider stopped, spread a blanket on the ground and lit a fire. So he cooked some lard and legumes and accompanied them with bread and perhaps a little cheese.

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Obviously it was not a healthy and balanced diet. In fact they did not have a very long life and often suffered from food shortages. Similarly, the motorcyclist can be defined as the modern rider. So he is often forced to stop for lunch in some motorway restaurant or in a street of some city along the way to have lunch. It’s definitely not a healthy way to feed. Therefore, unhealthy ways of eating are often used. In fact, without having precise notions of nutrition, there is a tendency to eat everything that is simple and fast, regardless of what can be harmful to health in the long run.


In particular, those who travel by motorbike move at great speed but use little muscles in the game and the rest of the body. So he should make regular stops along the way to stretch, do a little stretch, and most importantly, hydrate. In fact, during long journeys there is a high risk of dehydration. That is, if you are concentrated in driving you can forget about the perception of the sense of thirst and hunger. Therefore, without realizing it we could suffer a serious alteration of the water and salt balance.

For example, in the very famous movie “Easy Riders” the two protagonists are seen traveling for days on board their motorbike, eating in fast food restaurants. In other words, it was not a realistic diet. In fact, if you do not want to have six intestinal problems such as constipation or worse, it is advisable to prepare a better meal plan before departure.

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So the motorcyclist who wants to spend a peaceful and healthy holiday must carefully consider what to bring along as food supplies. For example, it is advisable to have fiber supplements or probiotics with you to keep the intestine in good condition. In fact, when traveling by motorcycle there is the risk of following a disordered and low-fiber diet. So intestinal disorders are lurking. In addition to this there is the danger of not drinking regularly and neglecting the consumption of vegetables. So, there is the possibility that fruit and vegetables may be scarce in the diet.

In fact, vegetables are more present in a home diet. In fact, the alteration of the water and salt balance in the body could have serious consequences on brain functions by reducing the concentration in driving. within one or two days of purchase). It is also good to limit carbonated drinks and canned foods as much as possible. In addition, it is good to stock up on fresh food every time you enter a town.

Una Corretta Alimentazione


In short, if you plan to stop for the night in small hotels or campsites, I recommend that you choose your food carefully whenever possible. Then the sense of freedom has to come together with health. In fact, the alteration of the water and salt balance in the body could have serious consequences on brain functions by reducing the concentration in driving. Consequently, it goes without saying that this would be dangerous during the journey. A good supply of selenium and vitamin E protects the body from the damage of ultraviolet rays caused by exposure to sunlight.

So it would be helpful to get a decent amount by eating dried fruit, canned salmon, hard-boiled eggs, wholemeal bread and biscuits. In addition, the sources of selenium are mainly boiled egg and tuna. Finally, another danger lurking for the motorcyclist who likes to spend many hours traveling on the bike is those of hypo-leukemia. In fact, after many hours of travel without eating, there could be a drop in the blood value of sugars with the consequent risk of fainting, decrease in concentration, slowing of reflexes.

In addition, one of the factors that determine the good health of an individual is his correct caloric and protein balance in the diet. So a journey as beautiful as that on a motorcycle can be cannot be pleasant if it does not take place in optimal mental and physical health conditions. So I advise all motorcyclists who want to organize long motorcycle trips not to underestimate food hygiene during their adventure.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà

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