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I begin this article by saying that I am a fan of Greece. In fact, I have spent my summer holidays in this wonderful country many times. In particular, on my first Hellenic holidays I was five months old. That was back in 1972. My parents were very young and they took me with them in a tent, camping in Corfu. In particular, they loved to travel so from an early age I traveled around Europe. The first years in a tent, then in a camper and finally in a boat. In fact, my family has a sailing cruiser. However it is not very big but it has everything you need for a comfortable trip for a family. I have traveled almost all of Europe but the nation that has remained in my heart is undoubtedly Greece.


In fact, in my opinion, it is the ideal place where I spent my summer holidays. Plus this nation has all the qualities I look for in a vacation spot. That is sea and beautiful beaches and sea, warm, natural and archaeological beauties, friendly people and food, according to my point of view excellent. In fact, I am a traveler who loves to experience the culinary customs of all the countries I visit. So I’m definitely not one of those who leave with a car loaded with packs of pasta and tomato sauce. In fact, there are people who, in order to save money or because they are afraid to taste different foods, absolutely do not want to taste local foods.

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Greek cuisine has many flavors and ingredients in common with other Mediterranean cuisines such as Italian and Spanish. In particular, however, it has undergone a strong influence on the part of oriental cuisines.

So, four centuries of Turkish domination have left their mark. In addition, it must be remembered that the Turkish or Ottoman Empire extended from Morocco to the borders with Pakistan from west to east. It also stretched from Hungary and Russian borders in the north to southern Egypt and Iraq in the south. So such a vast territory it was logical that it included a great variety of populations each with their own culinary traditions.

The vastness of the Ottoman Empire allowed a great cultural circulation among the peoples who were part of it. So there was also a fusion of culinary cultures. Greek cuisine had a great improvement in the variety and quality of its foods from the mid-20s of the twentieth century.

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In fact, those were the years of the Armenian diaspora. That is, during the First World War and in the years following it, Turkey persecuted the Armenians. In addition, he did the same with the Greeks of Pontus (ancient Greek populations who resided on the coasts of the Black Sea within the Ottoman Empire.

Then the same happened to the Greek Ottoman populations of the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Thus there was a flight of millions of Greeks who were forced to leave the dying Ottoman Empire to return to the ancient land of their ancestors. In particular, these populations of ancient Greek origin were often rich and refined. Then they brought very elaborate and refined dishes to the ancient motherland. In particular, by studying the history of the best known Greek foods in the world, it turns out that they have an origin in other territories of the Empire.


For example, the very famous Mussaka (a preparation based on minced meat, béchamel and eggplant) has ancient Armenian origins. Many tourists every year decide to spend their summer holidays in this wonderful country. In fact, they are attracted by the excellent climate, friendly people, archaeological and natural beauties. It is also an ideal place for those who love oriental and spicy recipes. Greek cuisine is part of the Mediterranean and Oriental cuisines. Therefore it has in common with them a high processing, a wealth of seasonings and, often also a high calorie and fat content. Furthermore, the same can be said for Greek desserts. In fact, they too have oriental origins and are therefore often rich in honey and dried fruit (especially walnuts, almonds and pistachios). So they are very caloric too. In other words, I must admit that I love Greek cuisine.

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Despite all this I must admit that frequent intoxication of excellent Hellenic dishes would not be very healthy. In fact, the tourist curious to experience local flavors would find even very small taverns everywhere in Greece where you can taste excellent foods of various kinds.

Moreover, Greek cuisine can satisfy all palates. Moreover is my best place to spent my summer holidays. In particular, it is essential to leave informed in order to enter the restaurants knowing what you could eat. In fact, the tourist unaware of what is eaten in the Hellenic country runs the risk of limiting himself to ordering only steaks, suvlakia (marinated pork skewers), fried meatballs, Greek salad and French fries.


For example, there are people who do not like the risk of tasting new dishes abroad because they are afraid of making a mistake. In fact, I spoke to many people who complained about the lack of variety in Greek cuisine. In other words, they were often people who hadn’t had the courage to risk ordering unfamiliar dishes.

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An objection that could be made to the Greek cuciba is that, like most oriental culinary traditions, it is a bit too caloric. In other words, seasonings are often excessive in fact in Greece it is customary to abound with oil and salt. Some people might disagree but I like Greek food for that too. However, it is possible that there are tourists on a diet for aesthetic reasons, health and who are suffering from intolerances. As a result, they may not be able to eat the full variety of Greek foods. In other words, they should arrive in Hellenic land with enough knowledge of local cuisine to know what to order in restaurants or hotels. In fact, I do not wish anyone to spend an entire holiday eating sandwiches prepared in the hotel room.


First of all I want to talk about those who have weight problems and are on a diet. Unfortunately, there are few low-calorie Greek foods. I love to spent there my summer holidays but I would not like to put on weight However you could order a very good Greek salad (koriatika salad) which is a salad made from cucumber, tomatoes, Greek olives, onion, feta cheese, oregano. You can ask the waiter to bring it to the table unseasoned. Consequently, its caloric content will depend on the amount of oil that the customer wants to add. Obviously those on a diet could put in little. In fact, in addition to the oil, the rest of the ingredients are low in calories. In addition, it has a good protein and calcium content thanks to the feta cheese (goat and sheep milk cheese).

Furthermore, there are fish-based dishes such as sea bream typical of the Missolongi area in central southern Greece. In particular, this area is rich in offshore farms where excellent sea bream grows. Then they are roasted on the grill and seasoned with oil, lemon and oregano. As a result these fish are marinated and roasted. In addition, they are served on the table accompanied by an excellent resin-coated wine (retsina) served cold.


There is also another excellent dish that I love. It is called Avgolemono that is rice seasoned with meat or fish broth. It is then mixed with a whipped egg white cream in which, in the last stages of preparation, some egg yolks are also added. So I guarantee my readers that this food is also very tasty. In addition, there are also tutumakia, that is, squared egg pasta often seasoned with tomato sauce. Also, few travelers visiting Greece don’t like zaziki. That is, a cream of yogurt, cucumber, garlic and oil. Finally, try to taste the taramosalata (fish egg cream) without being enthusiastic.


So I conclude by saying that Greece is not the right place for those who want to do a purifying or slimming diet. Also because in this country very seasoned and tasty foods are preferred. So the speech is also similar for sweets that are very rich in honey, butter and nuts. However, by delving into the variety of Hellenic dishes, it is possible to find foods suitable for all needs, even for those who are attentive to health. So Greece is suitable for lovers of history, culture, good food and, as I have shown you, it can also be a favorable place for those who are attentive to weight and health.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà

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