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I remember the first time I walked into a nightclub. It was 1987 and I felt like I had made a great achievement. In particular, in that years there were only the real world and not the virtual one yet. In fact I had seen these places as a place frequented by adults. So the fact that I went in for the first time made me feel bigger.

ANNI ’80

1980s In particular, it was the 1980s and city nightclubs were spreading in the cities (now almost all closed and only the mega nightclubs outside the city remained: the one I sometimes frequented is now a garage). Also in those days I remember them as quiet places where you could drink a beer or two or a coke or something else, make new friends, meet a few girls. So the music was listened to loud but not excessive. In particular I remember that among the most played songs in the disco that year were “Whit or without you” by U2 and “I wanna dance with somebody” by the wonderful Whitney Huston. The volume was not excessive, the music was more melodious than the current dance music, the habit of excess alcohol was not widespread and, above all, synthetic drugs did not exist.

Silhouette, Ragazza, Movimento, Salto


So I remember this kind of place in those years as quiet places where it was possible to spend an evening with friends. In particular, before Internet there were only the real world. In fact, the not excessive volume allowed to chat. Instead now the deafening volume makes any form of communication almost impossible. In addition, discos are losing the social role they had until the early 2000s. In particular, they were places of social interaction in which almost everyone could play a role. That is, the exuberant boy could show off by getting to know the girls, the shy boy could get confused in the multitude by throwing himself into the fray and dancing together with hundreds of other young people. Similarly, the beautiful girl could show off by dancing and being admired.


However, in the last few years we have been witnessing a change in society. In fact, the evolution of the economy and technology is rapidly changing the relationships between individuals. So these changes are also reflected in the rapidly changing social relationships. In particular, the great diffusion of social networks such as Facebook has made them lose much of the aggregation role that discos had in the past. Furthermore, the economic crisis has decreased the spending power of young people and their families. A guy these days often does not have the financial means to often afford a weekend at the disco. Then many prefer to get acquainted with girls or boys in the virtual world. That is, a world in which you know each other through the filter of a computer and you can hide the shyness and inadequacy that could sometimes be evident in the real world.

Silhouette, Ragazza, Danza, Partito


In addition, these places are sometimes perceived as unsafe in my opinion, sometimes even excessively. Then, they appear as places frequented by individuals who overdo alcohol and drugs.

Personally, I don’t think all of this is as bad as it is shown on television. That is, surely there are young or old not very sane young people who enter these premises with the intention of abusing alcohol and drugs.

But I’m sure these individuals are a minority. Consequently, most of the patrons of these clubs are quiet people who want to spend a little lively evening but without exaggerating. However, in recent years there have been numerous factors that have damaged the image of discos. That is, in addition to the social networks I mentioned earlier there are other elements.

In fact, techno music was created to impose a rhythm based on repetitive sounds that have little to do with the beautiful dance music of the 80s and 90s. However, many clubs are trying to renew themselves to become more competitive and attract some particular categories of customers. Plus, going to the disco to get drunk or taking something more dangerous is no longer fashionable. In fact, those who have the habit of waiting until Saturday night to clear their mind with alcohol and drugs are certainly not considered positively by most people . In fact you can enjoy in disco sometimes but, Then you have to live only in the real world


As a result, the fashion for smaller meeting places than discos is spreading. In particular, this trend spingr the young boy or girl but also the young adult to follow the spread of initiatives advertised on social networks. So Facebook, Instagram and Watsup in particular. In fact, the locals advertise themed evenings online. In addition, many of them enrich their menu with vegetarian or vegan foods. Or you can have a lot of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks.

Discoteca, Serata Tra Ragazze, Signora

In fact, healthy foods and drinks are becoming more and more popular. So, those who go out in the evening with the intention of burning their brains with chemicals or alcohol are now considered a loser. In addition, the mega nightclubs of the past are often in crisis. In fact, they are giving way to a large number of smaller venues. That is, these are pubs or disco pubs that can accommodate a maximum of 100 or 200 people in which the bar can satisfy both those who want to drink something alcoholic and those who prefer soft drinks. In addition, the speech is similar with regard to food. Thus, all needs are met in these premises.


Signora, Danza, Discoteca, Ragazza

That is, the omnivore, the health-conscious, the vegetarian, the vegan can eat but also those who are tolerant to some food. So you can find foods suitable for celiacs or even lactose intolerant. In addition, cruelty-free dishes are also spreading, i.e. foods produced without animal abuse. Consequently, these premises must have a certification from official bodies that certifies the quality of the products they sell.

There is nothing strange in all these changes that are changing the characteristics of these places. In fact, all of this is a consequence of changes in society. In fact, now the awareness of the importance of physical well-being, of the environment and of animal health is constantly increasing so the world adapts by preferring a healthier and more ecological leisure. Furthermore, mass entertainment is giving way to a more serene leisure in which human relationships prevail.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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