Now I want to write about cat’s need and the best way to feed them. The evolution of species is a very slow process that has lasted hundreds of millions of years. That is, we have gone from the first single-celled organisms to complex living beings such as plants or animals. In addition, according to the evolutionist theories of the 1800s, still valid, the engine of this evolution was natural selection. That is, the environment, according to Charles Darwin, has exercised a selective take on the species, determining in them a very slow but constant adaptation to the surrounding environment. At first the most basic plants (gymnosperms) developed. Then the more complex ones (angiosperms). In particular, the first plants appeared on earth about 430 million years ago.

So their presence triggered a selective push that made the first herbivorous animals evolve, that is some dinosaur races that appeared on Earth about 300 million years ago. In addition, about 240 million years later, that is 65 million years ago, there was the evolution of the first carnivorous dinosaurs. In particular, this is the demonstration that the thrust of the environment is decisive in the evolutionary path of the species. After the dinosaurs, after their disappearance the planet was dominated by birds and mammals. Moreover ,now, among them I want to write about cat’s need and, in particular, supplements for cat’s health.


Cat, Stanco, Sbadiglio, Tratto

Then prey and predators developed that coexisted in equilibrium in a certain habitat. Thereafter the selective drive has shaped the characteristics, appearance and physiology of various carnivores. Then animals appeared on Earth with characteristics suitable for the type of diet to which they had adapted. Moreover, predators with teeth suitable for killing prey. So to tear the meat and chew it. Then they developed a digestive system suitable for this diet. That is, a stomach capable of secreting hydrochloric acid to lower the PH of the food and facilitate the digestion of proteins. In addition, carnivores are able to produce large quantities of pepsin, which is an enzyme capable of hydrolyzing proteins and making them more easily digestible. Similarly, some organs of carnivores are subjected to much more intense work than those of other types of animals


In particular, I am talking about the kidneys which, in these animals, perform an intense job because they have to dispose of large quantities of protein digestion products. In fact, high amounts of protein in the diet lead to high levels of uric acid and urea production. That is, the products of protein digestion. Moreover, their excessive accumulation in the blood would cause a serious alteration of the PH, tremors, tachycardias, loss of appetite. In addition, in the most serious cases it could even lead to death.

Cat, Animale Giovane, Gattino

Consequently, pure carnivorous animals with a high consumption of animal proteins such as cats it is essential that they have healthy kidneys for as long as possible. For example, one of the main causes of sickness and death in older cats is kidney failure. In fact, it is very common for the elderly cat to reach the point of becoming apathetic, inappetent, dehydrated and suffering from polydipsia (excessive drinking) and polyuria (urinating excessively). In particular, they are all symptoms of renal impairment.


However no animal can be eternal but a cat owner who is well informed or properly advised by their veterinarian can greatly improve the quality of life of their feline. In particular, there are basic rules of good hygiene that it would be useful to observe. Now I want to write about cat’s need. Therefore, a regular change of litter. In fact, my advice would be to use good quality crystal litter with antibacterial. Then it is important that the cat always has a bowl of fresh water available. The cat is an animal that needs little water.


However, the young cat has a very efficient renal system. That is, able to concentrate urine by recovering and reusing a lot of water in the kidney. Then it has a great ability to extract the water contained in food. So in theory a young and healthy cat that eats wet food could also do without drinking water. In fact, he could recover all the water he needs from the wet food. Obviously the thing is different if we give the cat a dry food. In fact, in this case, the quantity of water contained is very scarce. Therfore it is necessary that next to the bowl of dry food there is always a fresh and clean water.


Moreover, the cat has evolved a digestive system suitable for a pure carnivore, that is, which feeds only on meat or in any case on products of animal origin. In addition, it has had an evolution that has adapted it to a predator – hunter activity. That is, following his natural attitudes he should base his diet on raw food. Therefore, eating the meat of captured prey. In addition raw marl maintains many nutritional properties that would be damaged by cooking. That is, cooking destroys some essential amino acids for cats such as arginine and taurine.However, they are present in raw foods and are said to be essential because the cat is unable to synthesize them independently.

Therefore it can only introduce them from the outside through the power supply. In particular, these two amino acids are important for the correct functioning of the nervous system. That is, the cat that is deficient, especially if elderly, risks neurological problems. In particular, he has symptoms that alter his quality of life such as loss of appetite, tremors, lethargy.

Cat, Animale Domestico, Animale


That is, it is useful for a cat, if he eats uncooked foods, to eat foods with added taurine and arginine. In addition, the ancestral origins of the cat that led it to be a pure carnivore have determined another important consequence. Therefore for it the fat of the meat of the preys was the main source of vitamin A. In fact it belongs to the category of fat-soluble vitamins that is contained in fats. So, this vitamin is very important for any animal. In addition is essential for proper bone development and their maintenance in good condition. It also contributes to proper dental development and the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, it also has good anticancer abilities.


Then the cat can run serious risks of vitamin A deficiency due to an incorrect diet. In fact, a home diet, that is based on cooked foods, could be poor in vitamin A. In fact, this vitamin is thermolabile, that is, it is denatured with cooking. This is due to the high temperatures reached in the industrial food preparation process. In particular this is the reason why all cat foods are supplemented with vitamin A. Firstly , because felines do not have the ability to convert the beta – carotene of plant foods into vitamin A but must introduce it directly with animal fats.

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In addition, it is evident that the cat has somewhat complex nutritional needs that require a lot of attention from the owner. So, anyone who owns a cat and wants to feed it in a hygienic and correct way could think of giving it home food. In fact, even if the food is of good quality, it is never prepared with excellent ingredients. In addition, it is often rich in cereals which are not natural food for cats. That is, they do not have an efficient system for managing blood sugar by producing insulin. For this reason, commercial foods rich in cereals, that is, most of them, are harmful to their health.


So a good home diet must be based on meat above all. Then no cereals. In addition, it may be healthy to introduce a moderate amount of vegetables. That is carrots, beets, courgettes, peas, broccoli, pumpkin, beets, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce. These foods must obviously be cooked. Then supplemented with taurine, arginine, vitamin A. The recommended supplementation would be about 400 mg of taurine and about 200 mg of arginine. It would also be very useful to add the cat’s food with 300 I.U. of vitamin A per day. In addition, I would recommend giving the cat an adequate supply of fiber.

Then it could be argued that preparing the food for your cat twice a week and keeping it in the fridge could be a waste of time due to the presence of commercial foods. But it is a show of affection for your cat. However , a couple of hours twice a week I don’t think is a big sacrifice. Especially if it could have very positive consequences on the health and longevity of your feline.


Finally I want to write about the cat’s need. It is important to calculate the caloric needs of the cat with a good approximation. That is, the following formula should be applied: We multiply the weight of the feline expressed in kilograms by a coefficient of 60, 70 or 80 depending on whether the cat is not very active, on average or very active. So the result of the multiplication will be the caloric needs of the cat. For example, if our cat weighs 3.5 kilograms and is active on average, we multiply 3.5 (weight in kilograms) by 70 (coefficient for moderately active cats). Finally I recommend a small integration in the cat’s food of olive oil (contains antioxidants and vitamin E) and peanut oil (contains arachidonic acid that is an essential fat coè introduced only with the diet through products of animal origin).


The ability to manage the cat’s nutrition through a home diet must not make us forget that it is still very useful to check the health of the cat at least once or twice a year.

So I recommend that you take him to your trusted veterinarian to check his general health. In particular, However I would recommend a check of the basic neurological conditions, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate. Therefore it is very important to perform blood analysis by checking kidney parameters such as urea, creatinine, potassium. It is also useful to carry out a blood count, check iron, cholesterol and triglycerides. In fact, from the results of these tests it will be possible for the veterinarian or the owner, when he has acquired the right experience to regulate the diet of his animal in the best way. Then he could use a paper to write about cat’s need.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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