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Herbal teas are diluted aqueous solutions sometimes flavored. In addition, depending on the taste of the drinker, they can be sweetened to taste with sugar, sweeteners or honey. However, their preparation is based on the extraction of natural drugs contained within plant products. In particular they are used to give beneficial effects on the organism. So it is a hot or cold brewing process. In addition, the administration is oral. That is, the techniques for extracting the active ingredient from the plant product are basically of three types: 1) INFUSION, 2) DECO, 3) MACERATION. In particular, the topic concerning herbal teas and beneficial effects on the body to be explored would be very interesting.


Therefore, MACERATION consists in placing the ground and shredded dry leaves of the plant in water for more or less long periods. That is, days or weeks during which the plant product slowly releases the active ingredient it contains. In other words, maceration, even if little used, is the preferred technique for those who want to extract thermolabile active ingredients from the plant. That is, they would be damaged by exposure to high temperatures.

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The DECOT is prepared by immersing the vegetable product in cold water and bringing it to a boil. In particular, the times vary from five minutes to half an hour depending on what you want to extract. Furthermore, the times depend on the consistency of the vegetable products. That is, the more leathery substances require longer times. Then the heat is turned off and left to macerate for a few minutes. Then we proceed to the filtration.


In addition INFUSION is prepared by pouring boiling water over the vegetable product. In particular, this technique is more suitable for extracting volatile substances that would be lost with boiling. That is, pour the water and let it soak for five to twenty minutes. Plus this is the preferred method when using delicate products such as flowers and petals. The herbal tea must have particular requirements depending on the purpose for which it is prepared. In other words, we choose the plant with which to prepare the herbal tea based on the effect we want to achieve.


However, we could consider the topic concerning herbal teas and beneficial effects on the body and then prepare: 1)hypocholesterolizing herbal teas. In particular, it would be possible to use officinal herbs capable of releasing active ingredients that hinder the absorption of cholesterol such as MATE and ORTHOSIPHON.

2) In addition, it would be useful to use the herbal tea based on GALEGA and CUMIN to obtain a galactophoric action. ; 3) Then ASPARAGUS and EQUISETO would be useful if ours were to obtain a draining action. That is if we wanted to promote a purifying action and reduce the stagnation of liquids.

4) Then MELISSA and MINT to obtain a digestive effect. That is to favor the action of the digestive system.

5) However another herbal tea with positive effects on the digestive system is the one produced with the use of DANDELION and RABARBARO. That is, it has a cholagogue action and therefore stimulates the production of bile favoring some digestive processes.

6) Or VISCHIO and ELDER which has hypotensive functions that is it can be a remedy for hypertension. In addition I would also like to mention a herbal tea with good ability to promote digestion based on 7) MELISSA and MINT. Concluding this short list of herbs that can be used as herbal teas, I would also like to mention the sedative herbal teas based on 8) PASSIFLORA and HAWTHORN. The 8) GINGER herbal tea has an energizing and digestive effect. That is, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, promoting digestion and contains active ingredients that favor cellular energy processes.


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In addition, the consumer’s approach to herbal tea has changed for many years. So he uses it to obtain beneficial effects on the organism.

In fact, many years ago, herbal teas were taken into consideration solely for their medicinal properties. That is, they were believed to be capable of healing or otherwise acting on particular functions of the organism.

In particular, they were recommended to individuals who could suffer from particular problems. In fact, it was not uncommon for them to be recommended to those suffering from mild health problems. For example, they were considered useful for those with digestive problems and for those suffering from stress or insomnia. So he wanted something that would alleviate his problems naturally. That is, without resorting to real drugs.

Or they were often recommended to women with cellulite or water retention problems to solve problems often of an aesthetic nature. In fact, the increase in consumption of these products is typical when the summer season approaches when we undress to go to sea. In fact it was common opinion that herbal teas were a remedy for water retention. That is, that they favored the e limination of liquids retained under the skin, on the abdomen, on the thighs or other unsightly points.


In addition, herbal teas have always been considered remedies for anxiety, daily stress and for beneficial effects on the organism. Then the combination of herbal teas and beneficial effects on the body is known. In addition, because they were associated with oriental meditative practices.

That is, they were taken into consideration almost exclusively for their therapeutic qualities. Then the approach of Westerners to herbal teas changed. So, they are more and more widespread in fact they can be bought in any grocery store as well as in specialized shops. In addition, today the therapeutic role of herbal teas is considered secondary.

In addition, in the present day the preparation of an herbal tea and its tasting is above all considered a daily ritual. That is, with slight beneficial effects on physical health. But with greater effects on intellectual health. In fact, the positive effects of the herbal tea are not only the direct physical effects like those I mentioned earlier. In other words, the psychological pleasure of a relaxing ritual with an oriental flavor that consists in the preparation of the drink is considered.


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In fact, those looking for a pleasure in the herbal tea based also on the preliminary stages of preparation also respect precise rules.

For example, he uses a ceramic teapot. In fact, it has the purpose of receiving boiling water and partially absorb its heat in its thickness. In other words, the function of the teapot is to avoid the dispersion of aromas but also to lower the temperature of the water.

That is to bring it from the initial 100 ° C to about 70 ° C. In fact, it is the right temperature for a correct extraction of the aromas of the herbal tea. That is, without excessive heat altering its organoleptic properties and can reduces the beneficial effects on the organism. In addition, the current use of these drinks is seen above all as a daily ritual. At the same time also as a delicacy with often also the function of relieving the stress of everyday life.


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I would like to explain which is the best place to buy herbal tea. Then highlight the difference between commercial herbal teas and herbal teas purchased in specialized herbalists.

That is, commercial herbal teas consist of blends selected to acquire a pleasant flavor.

So to enhance the taste. But unfortunately they lack useful nutrients. In fact, those looking for an herbal tea with effective organoleptic properties should consider the combination of herbal teas and beneficial effects on the body.

That is, it should turn to a good herbalist. In fact, in these shops it is possible to ask expert operators for advice. In addition, good herbalists have staff trained by special courses that increase their competence. So you have to tell herbalists what your health problems are. Then what other medicines, herbs or homeopathic remedies are used and then get advice. In addition, it is useful to find a good herbal medicine that you can trust. That is, where competent people work. Furthermore, it also has a sufficient sale of products such as to always guarantee the presence of fresh material. That is, full of all the medical principles you want. Then you can prepare the drink and serve it at the desired temperature.


Finally, if desired, you can choose a sweetener product. Consequently, I would exclude artificial sweeteners such as saccharin or aspartame, plus I would also avoid sugar. In fact it has a high hyperglycemic capacity (it raises blood sugar). Therefore I would recommend honey which is rich in fructose which is a disaccharide so it has a lower glycemic power.

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