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Inviting a large group of friends and relatives to your home for dinner is a very pleasant thing. That is, both for those who invite and for those who are invited. In fact, the invitation to one’s home and the offer of food to acquaintances recalls one of the oldest ways to socialize and be appreciated in society and by acquaintances. Therefore, in ancient times, hominids used to offer food to other men as a gesture of good will. In addition, also of friendship and to create useful bonds to give birth to future collaborative relationships. For example, the custom of inviting a woman who is interested in dinner comes from the offerings of food that men made to women in ancient times.

That is, the man showed the woman he wanted to start a family with the ability to provide food. In other words, offering food to others proved to be able to feed the new mate and any offspring. Therefore to being aimed at a union with individuals of the opposite sex, the offer of food is also useful for welding bonds with friends and relatives.


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Obviously, not everyone has the will, the ability or the time to prepare a complex dinner or lunch for a large number of people. For example, if you are satisfied with offering food to others by preparing simple dishes for a limited number of friends and relatives, there are no particular difficulties. In particular it is one of the oldest ways to socialize But for a lunch or dinner with elaborate dishes and for a large number of people it could be more complex. Particularly in the big cities the figure of the home chef is widespread.

That is, a cook who takes care of all stages of meal preparation. Then he begins by agreeing the list of foods to prepare with whoever calls him. In addition, he must be able to give advice regarding the list of courses. Then he must know how to adapt the foods to be prepared to the occasion and to the guests.


He also needs to have the right permissions to do this job. That is, a certificate that guarantees his knowledge of the HACCP hygiene rules. In addition, if he will have to cook part of the dishes outside the house where he will serve the dinner, it will require compliance with precise rules. In other words, for elaborate dinners or lunches it may not be possible to prepare all dishes in a few hours. So it would be necessary to cook part of the food in a laboratory or, in any case, in an equipped kitchen. That is, it would be necessary to observe a series of precise rules concerning the places in which to cook the dishes, the packaging of the foods, their transport, the preservation of the cold chain if necessary.


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In addition, many people contact an in-house chef to prepare an elaborate dinner or lunch. That is, the customer communicates to the chef the news regarding the desired date and type of menu. Then the landlord doesn’t have to worry about anything. That is, on the day and at the established time, the cook arrives home with the ingredients purchased and the equipment suitable for preparation. Then the chef will take care of everything. He, that is, the preparation of the dishes, he will serve them at the table. In addition, he will give any explanations about some particular dish to satisfy the curiosity of the diners. Then, if necessary, the cook could be assisted by some collaborator.


First of all it must be considered that the chef carries out a noble and delicate job. That is, the preparation of food to offer food to others requires compliance with precise hygiene rules. In particular, those who carry out this delicate work must possess particular requirements. That is, it must have: 1) the qualification for the administration of food and drinks. Then 2) possess a certificate of participation in an ASL course to acquire the necessary knowledge on hygiene and health standards. 3) have worked for at least 2 of the previous 5 years in restaurants or in the food and food service sector. Also 4) registration with the Chamber of Commerce. Finally open a VAT number. After that the costs to start this activity are contained. That is, it is sufficient to buy simple equipment to carry together

Then it may be necessary to prepare part of the dishes at home or in your laboratory. In other words, the premises must possess particular requirements required by the HACCP regulations. Then the preparation must take place in adequately ventilated and illuminated rooms. In addition, the dishes must be properly packaged in order to avoid contamination. Then they must be stored at suitable temperatures. In addition, it is necessary to observe correct rules both in the laboratory and in the customers’ home regarding clothing. In addition, the cook must wear gloves, a hair cap and a mask to avoid contamination.


In addition, if he prepares food in a laboratory, it must have special requirements. In particular, the premises must be perfectly sanitized. Then they must have a non-porous floor. Furthermore, the walls must be covered with waterproof material up to a height of at least two meters. Then dishes and utensils must be placed in easily washable containers. In addition, the laboratory may be without a dishwasher if you prepare portions in disposable containers.

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A home chef in order to offer food to others should be able to prepare a wide variety of foods. These dinners or lunch are one of the oldest ways to socialize. Therefore everybody have to be satisfied. That is, so that we can satisfy as many customers as possible. In addition, it would be useful to consider the inclusion of vegetarian dishes in the menu to be offered to customers.

Therefore, the awareness of healthiness and the benefits that a vegetarian diet brings to health and the environment is increasingly widespread. In particular, the cook must be able to offer the customer a series of valid dishes. Then they must be tasty, refined, suited to the taste of the guests and the context. In addition, he must be able to make diners experience the best of vegetarian cuisine without forcing guests to make sacrifices. Finally, on the contrary, he must be able to broaden the culinary horizon of the guests.

Then the compilation of the list of dishes will depend on the imagination and good taste of the cook and the organizer. In particular, the chef could propose hummus-based preparations to the host. That is, sauces based on legumes of oriental origin very popular with vegetarians and veganis. In addition, antipasti based on phyllo dough dumplings stuffed with vegetables and cheese (for vegetarians) would be appreciated. Or tofu for vegans. In addition, appetizers based on baked or browned vegetables would be appreciated. Also accompanied with soy sauce. In addition there would be a wide variety of choices regarding the first courses. That is, you could use a base of pasta, rice or simple gnocchi or spelled flour. In particular, the latter would be excellent seasoned with parsley and smoked tofu sauce.


Then the chef could propose to offer food to others by preparing a cold pasta with grilled aubergines or courgettes. Plus she could add basil or almond pesto. In addition, diners would like a sauce based on zucchini or soy. Secondly, one could whet the curiosity of guests by offering unusual foods such as miso.

That is, fermented soy beans with which you can prepare miso soup which is an oriental delicacy similar to a puree of legumes. In particular, the cook could present this dish to the guests, exhaling its flavor and its benefits for the environment and for health.

That is to speak of the biological nature of the selected soybean, of its high biological value. Then another dish that could be very welcome could be vegetarian stuffed pasta or risotto. That is, particularly refined combinations with truffles would be possible. In addition, it would be appropriate to present the dishes by recommending the right combination with the most appropriate wine.


In other words, the home cook should also be a wine connoisseur. These dinners or lunch are one of the oldest ways to socialize. Therefore wine is always appreciated. Then he must know the right combinations with the dishes. In addition to adapting them to the context and tastes of the diners. That is to present wines suitable for this type of preparation. For example, a Pinot Grigio could be proposed. a Chardonnayd or a sparkling Malvasia.

In addition, a fantastic first course would be a portion of mashed potatoes or tagliolini with truffles. Another tuber that could be highly appreciated is the topinanbur. Second courses could also be very appreciated by the guests. In other words, preparations based on hummus, legumes or tofu could be proposed to prepare delicious meatballs, stews, rolls or rolls. Finally, with regard to desserts, there should be no problems for vegetarians. That is, eggs, milk, butter and cream are allowed in vegetarian cuisine. But they wouldn’t be for the vegan one. That is, you should prepare foods free of these ingredients. In particular sweets similar to traditional sweets replacing milk with soy milk, eggs with naturaku thickeners with agar, mail starch or kuzu.

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