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Cellulite is an unsightly and localized manifestation of the skin consisting of depressions and introflexions. In addition, in infrequent cases it can have an inflammatory evolution. In particular, for many years the causes of this imperfection have remained unknown. But, in more recent times it has been concluded that it is a multifactorial pathology, then it has been judged a physiological and natural phenomenon with physiological bases. In particular, the exact triggering cause of this phenomenon is not yet known.


Moreover, the link between cellulite and lack of physical activity is now known. In fact, burning calories with sport and movement makes the energy balance negative. That is, we consume more energy than we introduce with food. In particular, when all this happens, the fat reserves are reduced and the body uses the fat deposits to produce energy. In other words, the adipose panniculus is reduced.

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On the contrary, when the energy balance becomes positive. That is, we introduce more energy than we consume increases liposynthesis and fat anabolism.

Like the other tissues, the lipid tissue is also equipped with a vascularization. That is, of a circulatory system called microcirculation. In other words, this circulatory system allows this tissue to interact with the rest of the organism.

After that, hormonal or lymphatic alterations can be added to the positive energy balance. In addition also water retention, overweight, low physical activity, stress, incorrect nutrition. Then all these factors can act in synergy, acting negatively on the quality of the adipose tissue. In particular, the functioning of the microcirculation is altered.

Fat cells poorly nourished by the microcirculation enter a state of suffering. In other words, they tend to break down and release their contents into the subcutis. Then this content has a hygroscopic nature. That is, it draws water from the microcirculation by compressing it and altering its functioning. That is, it produces a number of causes that promote inflammation.

Then, these alterations, if not treated, worsen generating lipodystrophy with an increase in the volume of cellulite and an impairment of the elasticity of the blood vessels.


The predisposing causes to cellulite (is a multifactorial pathology) are hormonal (estrogen hormones) and congenital in nature. then linked to venous return and lymphatic drainage.

After that, the remedies for cellulite which is a multifactorial pathology are similar to those for combating excess weight. That is, do not exceed in the introduction of calories and, if necessary, fight overweight. Then it would be very useful to perform blood tests to find out any food deficiencies or intolerances. In fact, often behind problems such as overweight and cellulite there are nutritional imbalances that we are not aware of. In addition, it would be very useful to act on the energy balance by practicing physical activity in order to consume fat. Then a toned and developed muscles would burn fat in the thighs and abdomen.


First of all you need to be attentive to the quality of physical activity. That is, it would be very useful to prefer an aerobic type activity. Then also some anaerobic exercise that also stimulates muscle anabolism. That is, I had already written that it is very useful to have toned muscles that burn fat. Secondly, it is essential that this physical activity is regular. That is, at least three times a week. In addition, it is a multifactorial pathology so it is necessary to fight it on several fronts.

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Anaerobic activity is aimed at obtaining muscle hypertrophy. That is, by means of tools or weights. Then they must always be preceded by at least 10 minutes of warming up. In particular, it produces muscle hypertrophy and increases cellular metabolism. That is, it increases metabolism and makes blood circulation and cardiac activity more efficient. In addition to an anaerobic activity, it is also useful to add an anaerobic activity. That is, about 40 minutes of moderate running three times a week. In addition, it is essential that the race is preceded by at least ten minutes of warm-up and streching. That is, from an activity that prepares the cellular metabolism for the new commitment and activates the chemical processes useful for the production of energy. In addition to activating the right heart rate.


Moreover, I also want to mention the usefulness of wearing comfortable shoes. That is, they allow a correct functioning of the circulation of the leg, hindering water retention. In other words, a useful tip would be to buy good quality shoes. In addition, in case of serious cellulite problems, seek the assistance of a podiatrist. Then contact a workshop specializing in the production of customized shoes.


But the main element on which to act for the prevention of cellulite is nutrition. That is, set a diet with a calorie reduction of about 75%. Then add good amounts of fruit and vegetables as well as fiber to your diet. Then drink abundantly. In addition, avoid prolonged fasting by organizing the diet into three main meals and two snacks.

Then, of course, avoid foods that are too greasy and junk foods and those with excessive salt or sweeteners.

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Just as it is important to drink plenty of water to promote diuresis and eliminate waste substances. Then it is very useful to avoid smoking and limit alcohol. It is also essential to have regular sleep schedules. In other words, there is a very close link between healthy eating, health and beauty.

That is, nutrition to combat cellulite must be based on a very careful diet. In particular, the principles of the Mediterranean diet should be followed. First of all have sufficient water consumption. Then set a diet rich in minerals and antioxidants. In addition, this diet should have a reduced sodium content.


Then the best substances to combat cellulite are potassium, magnesium and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium. That is, substances contained in fresh fruit and vegetables. Then the diuretic vegetables such as artichokes, cucumbers, fennel, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries are also useful. It would still be useful to get advice on some herbal tea in a specialized herbalist’s shop. Finally, I recommend limiting substances such as ethyl alcohol, sugars, caffeine. Then increase the fiber in food. For example, wholemeal muesli for breakfast, side dishes based on salad, bread and wholemeal pasta. Then for lunch it would be advisable to have a brown rice risotto or wholemeal pasta with spinach or zucchini. Or with legumes.

The best herbal teas to fight cellulite are those that treat water retention and promote kidney activity. That is, the herbal teas based on fennel, horsetail and dandelion, red vine leaves and birch.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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