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Could someone tell me if there is something more pleasant and reassuring than the company of a dog who lives with us? Then the empathy of this wonderful animal is appreciated, fidelity, empathy and sociability are appreciated. Then any dog ​​that is bought or adopted quickly becomes an integral part of the family. In addition, the gaze of these wonderful animals, their cry when they bark and even the simple gesture of caressing them is something truly pleasant and reassuring.


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Similarly, taking care of a pet is always a source of great satisfaction. In particular, the company of a dog is always a wonderful thing. First of all, these wonderful animals have an unconditional trust in us. Then they are happy when they see us happy. In addition, their affection is sure and disinterested. It is pleasant and reassuring to have such a friend. In other words, owning a dog is something that definitely changes your life. Then if the dog we adopt is also taken from a kennel, we have done a beautiful action that will make us both happy. That is, both the dog who has found a family, and the owner who has found a sincere friend for life.


Especially those who welcome a dog into their home for the first time often have the impression of having a complex task ahead of them. But that’s not the case at all. That is, a little effort is essential to look after a pet. But it is always surpassed by the pleasure of having the company of a dog and a new family member close by. In particular, if we welcome a puppy, a lot of love and attention are needed. That is, there is always a positive change of life.

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Anyone who lives with the company of a dog is aware of the fact that the happiness and serenity of the dog and the owner usually affect them. That is, the dog who has a sad and depressed owner perceives the negativity of him and, therefore, also suffers from this condition. Moreover, usually the opposite also happens. That is, a master always suffers if his dog has some serious problem. In particular, a serious animal health problem can easily become a family drama. For example, there are pathologies such as neoplasms, problems related to aging that are a source of suffering for both the dog and the owner.


In addition, having a four-legged friend produces a pleasant and reassuring sensation. Taking care of your puppy is also a source of enormous gratification. That is, it has been shown that the gaze of your dog, the sight of the dog wagging its tail or even stroking it causes a release of endorphins.

In particular they are substances produced by the brain and defined as neurotransmitters. In other words, they are the body’s chemical messengers. Then it comes to substances with positive effects on the body.

That is, reduce stress, produce a feeling of well-being, reduce painful sensations. In addition, it has been shown that contact with an animal has positive effects on strengthening the immune system. In particular, official medicine has recognized the positive effect of proximity to an animal during the course of a pathology. That is, the validity of what is now known as “pet therapy” has been studied.


Pet therapy is a therapy practiced with the use of positive sensations generated by the presence of a pet and the company of a dog in particular. In addition, it joins traditional therapies and has been used with positive results in many parts of the world. That is, it has been used to reinforce the effect of the classic prophylactic actions by reinforcing the psychic well-being of the patient. Then it was shown that an animal allows you to create an emotional triangle between patient, animal and doctor. That is, a bond is created between man and nature that produces a condition of well-being that integrates the classic therapies.

Then these theories were studied by Dr. Levinson who analyzed the relationship between a dog and an autistic child. In particular, he deduced that taking care of an animal produces a pleasant and reassuring sensation. That is, it reduces the incidence of anxiety, stress and depression as well as transmitting affective warmth. Then there were positive results in increasing the survival of patients suffering from heart disease. Furthermore, there was an increase in the self-esteem and social inclusion skills of dog owners. Still the contact with the dog favors the emotional development because this wonderful animal does not judge. That is, there is no fear of making mistakes that is typical of human approaches. In fact, fear of judgment produces fear and stress during the approach between men. In other words, all this does not exist in the relationship between man and dog.


Then another element that positively strengthens the relationship between man and dog is the preparation of food. That is, dedicating yourself to the preparation of home meals for your dog produces gratification for the owner and well-being for the animal. In other words, it has been shown that industrial feeding is never very healthy for pets. That is, it is convenient only for the owner who uses it because he does not want to waste time. But those who love their pet must realize that industrial preparations do not have a positive effect on the health of pets. In particular, usually the percentage of products of soul origin (meat or fish) is present with a variable percentage between 10% and 25%.

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That is, in a small amount. But above all, the quality of the meat is almost always poor and full of saturated fats. In particular, this means that ingredients of poor quality and low biological value are present in the feed. Then another very important thing is the abundant presence of cereals in most feeds. That is, these are foods such as rice, wheat, barley, corn. In addition, the dog, from an evolutionary and nutritional point of view, is classified as a cross between an omnivore and a carnivore.


That is, thousands of years of coexistence with man have made this animal evolve partially transforming it into an omnivore. But the dog also possesses many ancestral characteristics of the carnivore. That is, a diet rich in cereal derivatives such as bread and pasta is healthy for this animal. In other words, man is definitely an omnivore. That is, evolution has adapted it to digest any food. In particular, it produces enzymes capable of digesting starches and carbohydrates contained in cereals. Similarly, the dog is less efficient in digesting these substances since it is not a complete omnivore. In particular, a diet rich in cereals such as that typical of industrial preparations for animals would be harmful in the long term.


That is, I recommend creating a special bond with your dog by carefully preparing the food. This produces a pleasant and reassuring feeling for both of you. In particular, modern and open-minded veterinarians advise their customers to give their dog a home diet. Then it is not a very burdensome commitment because an hour twice a week would be enough. That is, every three or four days we could cook food and store it in the refrigerator. In particular, it would be useful to choose healthy ingredients for the dog and suitable for its metabolic abilities, that is, I avoid foods with a high glycemic index such as bread and pasta.

But I recommend small amounts of rice, some olive oil which is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Then the best vegetable to include in a dog’s diet is corota, rich in Vitamian A. Finally, I would recommend meat with a medium fat content. In fact, fat, if not excessive, is useful as an energy source and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E. K). In addition, bones, raw pork, sweets and chocolate are absolutely to be avoided. Then small quantities of pasta are allowed but it must be cooked a lot and for a long time. Furthermore, no garlic and onion and avoid milk because the adult dog has poor ability to digest lactose. In addition, small quantities of grated cheese are allowed.


In addition to nutrition that can create a pleasant bond between humans and dogs, there is also movement and play in the open air. In fact, practicing exercise with the dog is a source of pleasure and health benefits for both. That is, the pleasure of a walk outdoors produces the well-being of a healthy physical activity. Then it is pleasant for the owner and stimulates the dog’s attention. In addition, both will benefit from the production of endorphins thanks to the light perceived outside. Finally, both will enjoy the pleasure of socializing while out and about. That is, the dog will have the advantage of perceiving useful stimuli for his mind and getting to know the neighbors’ dogs. Then there is also the advantage for the owner who will be able to socialize with the other owners of the dogs that he will meet frequently during the daily outings.

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