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The cat, together with the dog, is the most widespread and loved pet. In other words, it keeps us company, inspires tenderness and is very affectionate. That is, it appears as an independent and proud animal. But in reality he is happy to be in contact with his master, to be caressed and cared for. Then he binds a lot to the house he considers his territory and to all the living beings with whom he shares the apartment. That is, the master is considered as a member of his family. Then, usually, it becomes mutual. That is, a cat welcomed into a home immediately becomes an integral part of the family. In other words, owning a Cat is something that changes life for the better.


Then, before welcoming this widespread and loved pet into the house it is necessary to make some indispensable considerations. That is, one must realize that the cat is a living being. In other words, it needs care, attention and lots of love. In addition, we must be aware that this little animal will have to share its entire existence with us. Then the presence of a cat in the house will be an immense source of pleasure for us. We too should be committed to making the cat live in the best possible way.

That is, we should make our home as welcoming as possible for our friend. In particular, it is essential to provide them with a good quality gravel bedding. Otherwise he recommends an antibacterial crystal gravel. In fact, it will have a good absorbent and disinfectant capacity and will limit bad odors and bacterial proliferation. Then it is useful to provide him with a scratching post. That is, I recommend it because the cat needs to use its nails. But it is not appropriate for it to do this on furniture, curtains and carpets.


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Then having a cat is fun, a source of satisfaction and serenity. For this reason it is the most widespread and loved petThat is, it is no coincidence that it is the most common pet. In addition, perhaps not everyone knows that when the cat is stroked and purrs it emits particular ultrasounds. In particular they have a relaxing and stress-reducing unconscious effect.

Caring for a cat, especially a newborn puppy, is challenging but also very rewarding. That is, the puppy is totally dependent on us. Especially we must always be attentive to perceive any signs that indicate discomfort or malaise. Then the kitten or cat should always be treated by following the advice of a trusted veterinarian, that is, carry out the administration of medicines when necessary. Then practice the appropriate vaccinations.


In addition, it is essential that the cat follows a very accurate diet. That is, it is essential to consider that the cat is a carnivore. Moreover, it does not have partial omnivore characteristics like the dog. In other words, proper nutrition is essential for good health. But also for its appearance. That is for the beauty of the hair, of the eyes and for a good efficiency of the joints and digestive system. In addition, I do not recommend giving the cat leftovers from our dishes. That is, it must be understood that cat and man are two living beings with different evolutionary histories. In other words, what can be beneficial and pleasant for a cat is often not for humans.


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The cat has an evolutionary history that has made it a pure carnivore. In other words, the wild cat fed on small woodland animals. Then, after human domestication, It was the most widespread and loved pet and it was used for thousands of years to fight mice. In other words, it was often the most common pet in rural environments. That is, the concept of a pet cat is a recent idea. Previously they had to survive by hunting the rats that infested granaries and houses. In particular, all this has made the cat evolve as a pure carnivore. That is, capable of metabolizing almost exclusively the meat of prey. In other words, being a pure carnivore, he needs to eat foods with a high biological value such as meat. In particular, the essential amino acids for cats are taurine, arginine, lysine, methionine, finylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.


Then a characteristic of the cat is that it is not able to autonomously synthesize taurine and arginine as most other mammals do. In addition, many amino acids are thermolabile. That is, they alter with cooking. In particular, the cat has evolved by feeding on the raw meat of its prey. Furthermore, it extracts vitamin A directly from animal fat. Also because it does not have the capacity. very common in the animal world to convert beta-carotene from plants into Vitamin A. Because of all these characteristics, the cat requires a very accurate food rationing. That is, amino acids with a high biological value are necessary, supplements of vitamin A, taurine and arginine are essential.


In addition, it is vital that the diet contains doses of a fat contained in the adipose panniculus of animals. That is, arachidonic acid. In other words, it is, together with linoleic acid, one of the two essential fatty acids for the life of a feline. Then it is essential to know the average caloric needs of a cat. That is, it is useful to know how much food we should make him eat without the risk of our friend going into health problems. In other words, we should know his average daily calorie requirement.

For example, you should know the formula that allows you to calculate how many calories are needed for its survival. In other words, there is a formula that tells us how many calories are needed for a cat to live in good health. That is, the weight in kilograms is multiplied by 60, 70 or 80 if the cat can be little, medium or very active.


Feeding a cat a homemade diet requires much more attention than feeding a dog homemade food. . In particular, as he wrote in the paragraph “NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF A CAT” it has the typical nutritional needs of a pure carnivore. In other words, this wonderful animal which, together with the dog is the most widespread and loved pet, has special needs. That is to introduce nutritional principles present mainly in raw or undercooked meat. That is, vitamin A, taurine, arginine.

For example, a home diet should contain 66% (ie 1/3) of meat, 15% of cereals (better rice). 15% of vegetables (a mixture of zucchini, celery, carrots), 4% of vegetable oil (preferably peanut oil). In particular, this oil contains the precious arachidonic acid which is essential for the good health of the cat. Then, obviously on the advice of the veterinarian, supplements can be added if necessary



The average life span of a cat, which is the most common well cared for pet, is over 15 years and could even reach 20. But in the course of its existence, our pet may meet particular nutritional needs. That is, house cats are often neutered. In other words, they need special food rationing. In other words, the lack of testosterone and, often the reduction of motor activity can make them gain weight. Then, if we don’t want to rely on specific treats for sterilized cats, we could prepare homemade rations that are much healthier.

That is, we should reduce both the calorie content and the fat content by about 10%. That is, let’s assume we have an average active cat of 4 kilos. In other words, we multiply the weight in kg ie 4 by the coefficient for cats on average active, ie 70. (see paragraph “NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF THE CAT”).


In particular, we must multiply 4 (kilos) x 70 (coefficient) = 280 kilocalories. That is, this will be the caloric needs of the cat. Then this value can be corrected. That is, we must increase the value by 10% if the cat has to gain weight because it is underweight. Furthermore, this 10% increase would apply during the last three weeks of the cat’s pregnancy. But it would be useful to reduce the caloric amount by 10% if we want the cat to lose weight. That is, we should administer this reduced rationing until the cat has regained its ideal weight. In other words, during this phase it is essential to check the cat’s weight at least every two or three days.


The older cat has a tendency to suffer from kidney problems. It is one of the most widespread and loved pet so. often it spent the whole life with us since the old age. That is, the kidneys of the feline are subjected to hard work throughout the life of the animal. In other words, the cat needs to feed with a diet that is very rich in proteins. That is, their metabolism produces abundant quantities of uric acids and urea as waste substances which must be eliminated by the kidneys.

In addition, a cat who is no longer young or with some kidney disease may have difficulty eliminating these acids. Then their accumulation in the blood could be toxic. First of all, in these conditions of limited kidney function we should help the felines with proper nutrition. That is, always provide him with water available. Then we should provide the cat with a low sodium and phosphorus diet.


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The well-being of your cat who is no longer young is mainly linked to good kidney health. In other cases it is useful to check the renal parameters of the feline at least once a year. In addition, there are physical signs that can make us think of a renal decay. It is the most common pet so many people have experience of living with a cat. That is, these problems cause polydipsia (excessive water consumption). In addition also polyuria (excessive production of urine). Then also anorexia, dryness of the subcutis, weight loss. In the same way, laboratory tests are even more urgent. In particular, they could give us the definitive confirmation of the state of discomfort of the kidneys. That is, I’m talking about the tests on the value of urea, creatinine, potassium, specific gravity of urine.


First of all, a pet needs a lot of attention and affection to live in good health. Then it is useful to observe its appearance to discover any new problems. In addition, good nutrition is essential. That is, if we are capable of it, proper home nutrition would be advisable. But then the food for the cat would be enriched with some supplements that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacies. In other words, after home preparation, the food should be added with vital substances for the cat such as vitamin A. taurine, arginine, arachidonic acid.

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