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Certainly food care and hygiene are essential for a healthy life. That is, the organism works with a large amount of chemical reactions that take place in a harmonic way. Then at the base of this harmony, there is a correct supply of nutrients and nutritional principles. That is, it is necessary to introduce the most suitable foods for a healthy life and, in the right quantity. The organism of living beings, in order to live and grow properly, needs a right amount of substances. That is, calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.




In addition, it is possible to combine in a single meal all the nutritional principles necessary for the care and hygiene of the food. For example, a balanced dish with a sufficient amount of low glycemic index carbohydrates would be needed. That is, whole carbohydrates such as spelled or rice that stimulate a low release of insulin. In other words it is said that they have a low glycemic index. Therefore they avoid an excessive entry of sugars into the cells which would subsequently convert into fats.


A sufficient quantity of unsaturated fats for the care and hygiene of the food. That is, it is bad that a food is rich in saturated fats such as cholesterol. In particular, because it has the characteristic of having a high affinity for the walls of the blood vessels. That is, it tends to settle and accumulate on them up to restrict their caliber and obstruct blood flow. In addition to increasing the risk of stroke. Then other very useful substances for well-being are the flavonoids present above all in products of plant origin.


Furthermore, proteins are essential for life. That is, they have a structural, enzymatic and immune function. In addition, they are the foundation of the tissue structure of living beings. In particular they are essential for growth and for a healthy adult life. Obviously the quantities that each individual should introduce vary according to age, sex, physical commitment, health conditions. Then an average requirement can be established for a standard individual. That is, on average, an individual needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. But, as I wrote earlier, this amount can be variable.



Then also the average caloric requirement is around 1800 – 2000 kilocalories. Following a healthy diet is very important for the care and hygiene of the body and means introducing a correct amount of calories. In addition, also of proteins containing essential amino acids in variable quantities according to need. Furthermore, it would be essential to ingest branched chain amino acids in the right quantity if you play sports that require an increase in muscle mass.


Then fats must be present in any diet. Obviously in the right quantity and quality. For example, cholesterol is often spoken of very badly. In fact it is harmful if present in the blood with high values ​​but, in the right quantities it is essential for life. That is, a high amount of cholesterol is unhealthy. in fact, it has a tendency to settle on the internal walls of blood vessels, hindering blood flow. In addition, there are two types of cholesterol. That is LDL and HDL. The first (LDL) is also called bad cholesterol because it has a tendency to deposit on the blood vessel wall. In particular, these deposits decrease the caliber of blood vessels, hindering blood flow.


Then, however, HDL cholesterol is also called good cholesterol because is important for an healthy life and it helps to clean up the internal wall of blood vessels and therefore to the care and hygiene of the body. That is, having established that cholesterol is a fundamental substance for life, it would be useful for the care and hygiene of food to eat by making HDL cholesterol prevail over LDL cholesterol. However, the vital importance of cholesterol lies in the fact that it is indispensable for the synthesis of a category of hormones. That is, steroid hormones. Then it is essential for the synthesis of vitamins E and D and bile acids. Then, as I wrote previously, cholesterol is essential for life so the body produces a part of it. But another part must be introduced with nutrition.

In particular, it is possible to act on the regulation of blood cholesterol values ​​by controlling the diet. In fact, little can be done on the component of endogenous cholesterol, that is produced inside the organism. That is, the diet is essential for the control of cholesterolemia (blood cholesterol values). In particular, it is useful to limit foods rich in LDL cholesterol by preferring those rich in HDL cholesterol. Then, to live in good health it is essential to keep total cholesterol within the correct limits. In addition, a correct breakdown between HDL and LDL cholesterol is required.



However, in addition to nutrition and genetics, another fundamental factor for the control of cholesterolemia is movement. In particular, a cholesterol control diet must be based on some fundamental principles. That is, having a low content of saturated, hydrogenated, trans fats. Then the total cholesterol content of the diet should not exceed the value of 200 milligrams per day. In addition, healthy fats must be introduced into the diet. That is, those belonging to the category of polyunsaturated fatty acids.


For example, the fatty acids useful for the care and hygiene of food are Omega6, Omega3, Omega9. Then phytosterols and lecithins can be useful for the care and hygiene of the body, that is for the control of blood cholesterol levels. Finally, another beneficial factor for reducing cholesterol are antioxidants. In addition, if you do not want to resort to medicines, it is ascertained that a correct diet is essential for controlling cholesterol. That is, it is useful to eat fish (blue fish is much better) and lean meats.

Then do not exceed two eggs per week. In addition, milk, yogurt, ricotta and cheese are essential for a healthy diet but should be partially skimmed. There is still freedom regarding the consumption of legumes. Then, as far as oils are concerned, the most recommended is extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of peanut oil. In addition, kiwi, flax and chia oils are a useful source of omega3 and omega6 fats. Finally, cooking methods are important. That is, the healthiest methods are steaming and boiling.


A single vegan dish replaces a complete and balanced meal thanks to its balanced nutrient content. In addition it is excellent for a healthy life, the care and hygiene of the body. That is, it has the right amount of low glycemic index carbohydrates, fiber, proteins with a correct amount of branched chain amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts. In particular, the purpose of these dishes is to have a high degree of nutrient balance. For example, a dish based on rice and legumes is excellent because it has a very high biological value, rich in iron and fiber. Then the ideal would be to season it with a tablespoon of olive oil and a half of peanut oil. That is to balance it perfectly from the lipid point of view and be excellent for having a cholesterol-lowering effect.

In addition, a well-balanced vegan main course should also include vegetables rich in vitamins and fibers and high biological value protein sources. That is, the ideal would be a salad of brown rice, legumes, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, half a tablespoon of peanut oil, a little vinegar. In addition, I would increase the biological value of this dish by adding diced seitan.


Seitan is a product of soy processing, excellent from a food point of view. But it can be a bit fateful for those suffering from celiac disease. Those who do not suffer from this problem will only be able to reap enormous benefits from the consumption of this product. That is, it is rich in proteins of high biological value. In addition, it is the ideal food for those with a vegetarian diet. Then it is also suitable for those who want a protein food without it being rich in saturated fats. In particular as it happens for the majority of products of animal origin. In addition, it is also a low-calorie food (130 kcla / hectogram). Then it contains a small amount of the amino acid lysine.

However, it is sufficient to include seitan in a dish that also contains legumes to obtain a sufficient amount of this amino acid. Then it is also simple to obtain starting from a mixture of water and flour. That is, the flour is mixed with water. Then you make various passages of the dough in cold water. In addition, in each step, the dough will lose a portion of carbohydrates which will dissolve in water. That is, at each step the carbohydrate share will decrease, consequently increasing the protein percentage. Therefore, an elastic mixture of gliadin and glutein with a high protein content and high biological value will remain.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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