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Do you like to invite friends and girlfriends to dinner or to fun buffett parties? Are vegetarian parties your thing? Otherwise are your cute friends curious and eager to come to your home to enjoy the delicious dishes you cook? Then, if you love cooking, you will be one of those people who inquire about the most particular or ethnic recipes to amaze your guests.

Plus, do your friends praise your cooking skills and the delicious foods you cook? Then, if cooking and dinners with friends and vegetarian parties are your thing, you will also be the type who likes to find out about new recipes and the most original ingredients.

In other words, you are interested and curious about everything related to good food. Otherwise vegetarian parties are your thing. Plus, you enjoy watching TV shows dealing with culinary topics. Then you buy books on this topic. For example, you like to browse the recipe sector when you enter a bookstore. Then consult the websites that are interested in cooking. TV shows that focus on culinary preparations are also your favorites.

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In short, your friends enthusiastically accept your invitations. In particular because they have always been satisfied with the dishes you cook. But also because you like to surprise them with a list of unusual foods. Plus they know that vegetarian parties are your thing. I mean, you’ve crammed them with ethnic dinners in the past. For example, you have delighted them with excellent Mexican or Cuban dishes. Then also with Indian, Arab, Turkish, Greek recipes. That is, they tried aphrodisiac and oriental flavors mainly thanks to the presence of unusual spices among the ingredients. Until now you want to cram them by presenting very tasty preparations that they do not imagine they will find when they arrive at your home.


The vegetarian menu allows you to prepare a huge variety of delicious dishes. That is, vegetarian cuisine prohibits the use of meat and fish. But vegetarian parties are your thing so you can cook very tasty dishes without them. Although there are pescovegetaliani who can eat it. In other words, cheese and eggs are allowed in vegetarian recipes. For example, the vegetarian culinary culture allows you to eat dishes that contain all the nutrients in abundance. Then it is known that these dishes are healthy because they are usually low in saturated fats and rich in vitamins and fiber. When your guests enter your home they will find themselves in front of a pleasant surprise. That is, they will admire a list of very tasty dishes that they have probably tasted very few times in their life.

Therefore, your task will also be to stimulate their curiosity. That is, you will list the characteristics of the various dishes. Then if it comes to foreign recipes you will tell their story. In addition, if you include some particular ingredient in the preparation you will tell about how complicated it was to get that particular spice and that unobtainable vegetable.


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Then it often happens that in your group of friends there is someone who has chosen to become a vegetarian. That is, in this case we are dealing with people who have made a precise food choice for various reasons. In particular, the cause of this choice can be of a healthy or ethical nature. For example, there are people who have problems with high blood cholesterol or triglycerides. In addition, there are those who suffer from excessive blood pressure values.

Then there are individuals who have no particular problems but are attentive to the diet because they want to avoid future problems. Then other people also make ethical reasoning in their food choices. That is, they consider the environmental impact and the possible suffering that some types of food production can cause to animals. In particular, they always gladly accept your invitations because they know that vegetarian parties are your passion.


They also consider the ecological footprint of some food productions, that is the direct or indirect damage generated by industrial farming. In particular, I am referring to the production of methane by bovine intestinal bacteria. In particular, methane is one of the main gases that increase the greenhouse effect. Then for every kilo of meat produced, large quantities of water are consumed. Not to mention the huge portions of land used for the production of soy and fodder for livestock. Instead of growing wheat, corn and legumes for human consumption.


The ethical discourse still needs to be evaluated. That is, the suffering that is caused to farmed animals. In particular, animals for meat, milk or eggs are real production machines. In other words, they are animals selected to transform fodder and feed into animal products suitable for human consumption in an efficient and low-cost manner. Then all this causes physical and psychological suffering to the animals. That is, they live in unnatural and often unhealthy environments.

Then fed high calorie and protein foods that are harmful to health. In other words, these are the main reasons that have persuaded millions of individuals around the world to eliminate meat from their diet. Or at least limit the consumption of meat.


Similarly, the choice of a vegetarian diet is now not seen only from an ethical and health point of view. That is, it has become a fashion phenomenon. In particular, because protecting the environment and nature is now also considered a duty. That is, this modern attitude towards nature and the environment has made the positive attitude towards the health of the ecosystem become something positive. That is, it is now fashionable to defend nature and be aware of the environmental problems generated by many human activities. For example, a positive attitude towards nature and animal welfare is now considered in a positive way.


Then being vegan is now considered a slightly snobbish and unhealthy choice. In particular, because the vegan diet has many deficiencies that can damage health. In addition, when you tell that vegetarian parties are your passion, everyone hopes to receive your invitation as soon as possible. But the choice of a vegetarian diet, on the contrary, is considered positively by common opinion and by the scientific world. That is, a vegetarian diet, also including milk and eggs, provides the body with all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life.

That is. this diet contains all the essential amino acids, including branched ones, a high intake of vitamins, fiber, mineral salts. In addition, the content of saturated fat and therefore of cholesterol and triglycerides is reduced in this type of diet. So with all these advantages combined with the advantage of reduced animal exploitation, you can make a good impression with friends and family when offering a vegetarian meal.


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For example, a series of vegetarian dishes would be very welcome for the guests. That is, we could present them as beneficial foods for nature and, at the same time, also healthy. Consequently, now I would like to list a series of dishes that it would be pleasant to propose to guests at a vegetarian themed party. In addition, if we want to make the preparations even more special, we could increase the value of the dishes by preparing them with organic food. That is, we could turn to specialized shops now widespread in every city where there is a wide selection of organic ingredients. Then I want to list a series of useful ideas for choosing a series of vegetarian dishes that will surely be appreciated by the guests.


Then, if vegetarian parties are your passion, you will use your imagination to select a series of dishes based on vegetables or dairy products or eggs that are also very tasty. That is, I would start with hot and cold appetizers. In particular, among the hot appetizers include breaded and fried champignon mushrooms, breaded and fried mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese and walnut canapes, soy meatballs, polenta fritters. Then you could prepare a tray containing the first to eat standing up in which everyone will be free to help themselves. That is, I would recommend gnocchi with smoked scamoza and walnuts, lasagna with ricotta and almonds, spinach ravioli with four cheese sauce, lasagna with brie cheese and Genoese pesto, risotto with porcini mushrooms.

Then you could also prepare excellent soups. For example, a cream of porcini mushrooms with black rice or a cream of cheeses with Alba truffles. Then you could propose second courses in mini portions such as grilled cheeses, cabbage rolls, baked vegetables, omelettes served in squares based on spinach, artichokes or onions, baked pumpkin au gratin. Finally, it could be concluded with an elegant series of desserts by the glass or by the spoon. That is, simple to eat for the guests. In particular I would recommend chocolate mousse, Greek yogurt with honey and nuts, creme caramel pudding, fruit sorbets, slices of chocolate cake garnished with whipped cream. In conclusion I would add to the table a series of good wines and a cup of mojto with ice.

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