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Wine is the result of the fermentation of grape juice. In addition, it is an alcoholic drink known and appreciated since ancient times. In particular, it was produced thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean regions. Then various hypotheses were made about the origin of the techniques to produce it. That is, the most accredited maintains that the first production of wine starting from grapes was accidental. In other words, the man of antiquity known the transformation of wine accidentally left for a long time in containers. Furthermore, the production of alcohol was due to the fermentation of the sugars of the grape juice.

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In particular, the alcohol present in the drink made it less perishable than grape juice. Then to all this was added the pleasant sensation generated by the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. Because of all this, wine became a typical drink of the Mediterranean territories and of convivial meetings between relatives and friends. Then under the Roman Empire, about 2000 years ago, wine became a monune drink. That is, the cultivation of grapes and the sale of wine turned into large-scale activities.


They are a group of thousands of molecules contained in plants. They originate from the fermentation of grape juice. In particular, in their structure they contain phenolic groups. Then they are carriers of great benefits by possessing high antioxidant properties. That is, they have a high ability to protect the body from the negative action of free radicals. In particular, free radicals are the waste products of many chemical reactions within the body. Then they are very reactive and oxidizing.

That is, if present in high quantities, they exert a damaging action on DNA and body tissues. In addition, a healthy and varied diet allows the body to introduce sufficient antioxidants to fight the harmful action of free radicals. Then the presence of polyphenols in various foods was demonstrated. Particularly in vegetables, wine, tea (especially green tea), chocolate. But then the bioavailability of the polyphenols was evaluated according to the food in which they were present. Until it was concluded that the polyphenols present in red wine are those with the greatest bioavailability. That is, the body is able to use a very high amount of it.


They are pigments contained in many plants, especially in flowers, fruits and leaves. Also anthocyanins originate from fermentation of grape juice.Then they have an important role in the well-being of both plants and animals, they feed on them. That is, plants provide a high protective action against ultraviolet rays. Then, especially in animals, they perform an effective action against free radicals. In particular, medicine has studied these chemical compounds and has come up with numerous conclusions. That is, it has an effective action not only against free radicals but also against capillary fragility. In addition, they slow down the aging processes determined by the oxidizing action of oxygen.

The contrast to many inflammatory processes and cancerous alterations is also favored by anthocyanins. In addition, their usefulness has been recognized and therefore they often sell added to food. For example, thanks to their coloring power, they are added to jams and yogurt. In particular, anthocyanins are extracted from the skin of red grapes.


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Red wine is particularly known for its numerous organoleptic properties. In particular, it is a drink that is essential to consume in moderation. That is, it has an alcohol content of solitovariable between 11.5 and 13.5%. That is, if drunk in moderate quantities of 250 – 350 grams per day during meals, it should not create problems. However, a moderate consumption of alcohol provides many other substances very useful for health. That is, wine has a high content of phenolic antioxidants. In particular, among them, the most useful to the body is resveratrol. Numerous scientific studies have been carried out on it and have now come to a unanimous conclusion. In particular, resveratrol possesses antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, antitumor, blood thinning as well as antitumor metabolic properties.


One of the effects of aging is a decay of physical but also mental functions. That is, it is known that after a certain age the animal organism reduces the ability to carry out the activities it carried out when it was young. In addition to the physical decay is also added the mental and cognitive decay. That is, it can occur to varying degrees. In particular, the normal age-related cognitive decline can occur but also the real Alzheimer’s disease.

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Then resveratrol has a proven effect in the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline related to Alzheimer’s disease. Then there is another phenomenon that favors physical and mental aging. That is, the reduced effectiveness of the circulatory system due to aging. In particular, there are numerous benefits that wine offers to the circulatory system. That is, it fights excessive cholesterol values ​​in the blood. Particularly because this drink contains saponins.


That is, they bind cholesterol and prevent intestinal absorption. Finally, red wine, drunk in moderation and regularly, reduces excess cholesterol in the blood. Then it fights overweight and high blood sugar levels. In particular, resveratrol hinders the accumulation of fat in cells and therefore also in adipocytes. Then it also contains a fair amount of tannins that produce numerous cardiovascular benefits. Finally, the wine contains quercetin which is an effective anti-inflammatory.

All these substances present in wine together bring numerous health benefits. In addition, for this reason, it is a drink known and appreciated since ancient times. That is, if added together they form what can be defined as a “nutraceutical complex”. Obviously it is necessary to always drink wine in moderation and during meals.


Wine is a product often found on the tables of Mediterranean peoples in particular. But it is now widespread all over the world. That is, it is a drink known and appreciated since ancient times. In particular, there are numerous types of red and white wine. In addition, the particular characteristics of each of them make it suitable for combining with particular foods. That is, we must carefully evaluate the characteristics of each food and thus find the right wine. In particular, for every flavor, that is sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, spicy, there is a suitable wine. For example, a delicate dish must be paired with a pale wine.

Then, instead, a food with a strong and decisive flavor is combined with a wine with a more intense and full-bodied flavor. In addition, the usefulness of wine during meals is based on the chemistry of tasting. That is, as the sensory cells of the palate taste a flavor, the intensity of perception progressively decreases. In other words, to continue to appreciate the sensory characteristics of food in the best way possible, you need to wash your taste buds. That is, you have to do it with the wine that clears the flavor of the previous bite. In particular, the combinations between wine and food depend a lot on personal tastes. But to maximize sensory perception, there are some useful tips that should be followed.


That is white wines, cold and with a low alcohol content with appetizers, especially if based on fish products. Then a meal of delicately cooked eggs should be paired with a white wine. In addition, eggs with a more intense flavor like an omelette would bind better to a rosé wine. Another risotto with a delicate flavor should be paired with a rosé wine. As well as a risotto or pasta with fish, vegetables or tomatoes, it would go well with a white wine. Then I would combine a red wine with pasta or rice with meat sauce.

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Still I would recommend a white wine with most fish dishes. In addition, I would recommend a red with a more intense fish-based dish such as fish soup. Then the habit of combining white wine with white meats and red with red meats can always be valid. In addition, red wines with a higher alcohol content should accompany meats with a more intense flavor such as game. Then combine the white wines with the more delicate tasting cheeses. In addition, it is advisable to combine red wines with cheeses with a more intense flavor. Finally, desserts are generally paired with sweet or fortified white wines. That is, it is possible to make splendid combinations with wine. That is, it is no coincidence that it is a drink known and appreciated since ancient times.

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