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Modern man now considers cooking not just something necessary to satisfy the nutritional needs linked to survival. In other words, the satisfaction of the senses is now also important. In addition, the kitchen has always had a social function. For example, inviting friends and relatives to lunch or dinner serves to strengthen bonds between individuals. In particular, because the supply of food is one of the oldest ways to increase the favor of the people with whom one has relationships. Then the desire to increase their social prestige advises the hosts to devise refined menus. For examples the saffron satisfy senses. That is, that they amaze the guests and contain special ingredients. So they are very useful to increase your health condition.

Then one of the most refined and particular cuisines is the oriental one. That is, the history of oriental cuisine is strongly linked to spices. For example, in the past centuries, with the explorations, numerous spices were discovered, used mainly in the East. That is, they were essential ingredients of the cuisine of the Middle Eastern and Eastern peoples. In addition to being used to flavor foods and promote their conservation, their usefulness in bringing health benefits was soon understood. That is, the oriental peoples took into consideration the beneficial properties of spices evaluating them with empirical methods.

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Otherwise the saffron satisfy senses and in particular, the benefits that saffron produced for health were evaluated with experience. That is, the empirical observation had recognized eupeptic (promotes digestion), sedative (relaxing), antispasmodic (relaxes the involuntary muscles) properties. That is, foods seasoned with saffron were not only useful for satisfying nutritional needs but also for health . Then, in more recent years all these empirical observations, therefore based on observation and experience, also had an experimental confirmation.In particular, it was concluded that saffron gave great health benefits when taken in small doses. That is how it happens when using natural saffron as a food ingredient. In addition, the consumer of saffron used as an ingredient obtained great benefits for their health.

That is, it is an adjuvant of therapies against neurovegetative diseases. In addition to having positive effects in their prevention. In particular, saffron produces positive effects on some particular types of neurovegetative diseases. That is, those related to oxidative stress. For example those diseases like Parkinson’s disease. In other words, it is a more frequent disease in old age.


Then, this spice was included in the composition of slimming products. Especially because it increases the sense of satiety. In addition, folk medicine has always considered it a useful product to stimulate digestion. Then also oriental medicines consider it very useful for fighting bronchitis, fever, vomiting. sore throat. Homeopathic medicine has also considered the benefits of saffron. In particular the saffron satisfy senses and is useful to combat the problems related to nosebleeds, menstruation, hysteria. Then, saffron has no contraindications if ingested in small doses. That is, as a food condiment, therefore useful for satisfying nutritional needs. However, as a precaution I would not recommend its use for pregnant and lactating women.


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Saffron is a typical plant of eastern regions such as Turkey, Syria. but it is also grown in Greece, Spain and Italy. Then it produces a flower whose stigmas are used, ie the innermost part of the flower to produce the spice. Moreover, it is used for many preparations. That is, both sweet and salty. In addition, popular culture and modern medicine give it numerous antioxidant, antidepressant, and even aphrodisiac properties. In other words, it is not only used as a condiment but also as a product sold in herbal medicine. That is for the preparation of herbal teas or decoctions. Secondly, it is useful to talk about the substances contained in this spice that give it many positive properties.


For example, I mention the carotenoids which have a precious protective action on cells. Then this action gives it anti-tumor properties that are now scientifically recognized. In addition, they give other health benefits in addition to satisfying nutritional needs thanks to the good content of vitamins B1 and B12 which promote hematopoiesis. That is, they favor the production process of blood cells and red blood cells in particular.

In other words, they improve the overall health of the organism because they improve oxygenation. In other words, all this improves the oxygenation of the cells and therefore the transport of oxygen to the organs. Then it has an antidepressant action recognized by many experimental results. That is, it fights depression, mood swings during the premenstrual period. In particular thanks to the presence of two very useful substances in saffron. That is, saffranal and crocin which increase the level of the continuation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. In other words, these two transmitters are known to cause depression when produced in small quantities by the brain.


Then a regular and moderate consumption of this spice produces obvious cognitive benefits. That is, it is useful for memory enhancement. In particular, because this spice is rich in carotenoids which have an important role in the processes that allow the fixation of memories and learning. Then it is also useful for dental hygiene. That is, it prevents gum irritation and keeps teeth healthy even in old age.


Baldness In addition, in addition to health benefits, the saffron satisfy senses and it also produces aesthetic benefits. That is, it can be a remedy for what can be an aesthetic and psychological problem for many men. In particular, I am referring to baldness and hair loss. For example, the active ingredients of saffron act on the capillary network of the scalp. That is, they improve the nourishment of the hair bulb by fortifying the hair root. Then, thanks to all this, the hair increases its duration thanks to greater resistance to sun and wind. Again I want to add that recent studies have shown that some active ingredients contained in saffron have chemical characteristics similar to those of serotin. That is, they have an aphrodisiac effect with positive effects on increasing sexual desire in both men and women.

Moreover, it is a product that can be easily purchased in a herbalist’s shop or online. In other words, it is increasingly known and widespread. In particular, it is a fundamental ingredient of the famous Milanese risotto


It is an excellent dish typical of Lombard cuisine but now known throughout Italy. Then it is also quite simple to prepare and takes less than half an hour to prepare. The ingredients necessary for its preparation are readily available everywhere at a low price. That is, you need a spoonful of saffron in postilli. Then 350 grams of Carnaroli rice, 150 grams of butter, 1 onion, 100 grams of Grana Padano DOP. In addition we will also use 40 grams of white wine, water as required, a liter of vegetable broth, salt to taste. First of all I put the pistils in a glass with a little water and mix.

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Then I leave it to infuse all night. To start I melt the butter in the pan over a low heat and then brown the onion for 10 – 15 minutes. Then I pour the rice and toast it for 4 minutes. In addition, I add the wine and let it evaporate. Finally I add the broth a little at a time, stirring constantly. Finally, five minutes before the end of cooking I add the water with the saffron and continue to mix until the end. Leave to rest for two minutes and serve on plates.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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