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Frying is a method of cooking hot food based on immersion in boiling oil which can be vegetable oil or fat. In particular, this method has the advantage of highly flavoring foods. But if used improperly it can have the disadvantage of being very caloric. Then. fried foods are not harmful to health if consumed sparingly. That is, their moderate consumption allows you to satisfy the palate without overloading the digestive system. In other words, it is important to select the cooking system very carefully. That is, you have to choose an oil that is the smoke point typical of each oil.

That is, it would be the temperature that an oil can reach without altering. In particular, from this point of view, the two best oils are olive oil above all but also peanut oil. In addition, all other types of oils have a lower smoke point. That is, beyond a certain temperature, harmful substances are formed in the oil. Especially for this reason I always recommend using olive oil for frying. But alternatively, cheaper peanut oil could be used.


Genuine and good quality olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. In particular, its use dates back to very ancient times. That is, there are testimonies of the use of this oil also by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Then, currently, Italy and Spain are the two largest producers of olive oil in the world. Then, these countries are also among the largest consumers of oil, so domestic production is often not enough. In other words, import is often used to satisfy the requests for oil. In addition, it is an excellent condiment both raw and for cooking. Then it has a high smoke point which makes it suitable for frying.

That is, you need to select the cooking system and choose an oil that is healthy and of good quality. For example, it is useful to take into account the smoke point typical of each oil.

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That is, it can heat up to 210 ° C without altering. In other words it is an excellent product but it is advisable not to abuse it because it contains about 900 kilocalories per hectogram. That is, excessive consumption of olive oil can produce overweight problems. In particular, it produces many benefits for the body thanks to its monounsaturated fat content. For example, it has good amounts of oleic acid. In other words, this fat composition makes it very healthy. That is, it is great for controlling bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood.


That is, oleic acid reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood without altering the blood amount of HDL cholestrol (the one that is positive for the body). There are different qualities of olive oil on the market. That is, the different types of oils are distinguished on the basis of healthiness and price. For example, the most expensive and healthiest is extra virgin olive oil which is prepared with the direct and mechanical pressing of the best olives. That is, it must be rich in unsaturated fats and not exceed 0.8% acidity. Then the virgin oil must not have an acidity higher than 2%. Finally, there is also the lampante oil, now little used, which is used for lighting. In particular, the latter oil has an acidity of over 2%. So you select the cooking system and then you choose the oil.

It is widely used as a food. In addition, it is also used as an alternative drug due to its laxative properties. Then it is also useful as a hepatoprotector. That is for the protection of liver health. In addition it has a positive action in soothing the discomfort of gastric ulcer.


In addition to food purposes, it is also used in the cosmetic field for the production of soaps. That is, the production of soap is based on the chemical reaction of saponification. In particular, in this case, olive oil is reacted with a hydroxide. For example, caustic soda is usually used.

In addition, the stone of the olives is an excellent ecological fuel as well as economic. That is, it is a zero balance product on the global pollution level. For example, it is widely used in Spain as a heating fuel.

In particular, the conservation of the oil is important. That is, an olive oil exposed to light and air can undergo alterations that decrease its quality. In particular, it should be stored in hermetically sealed containers in the dark. Moreover, an altered oil lowers its smoke point making it less suitable for frying. In other words, it expires from an organoleptic point of view.


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Especially for its high content of vitamin E and peanut oil a high antioxidant power is recognized. That is, it fights the presence of free radicals which are those oxidizing molecules that damage tissues and DNA. In other words, it is recognized for the advantage of not containing cholesterol and of having a very low quantity of saturated fat. That is, it has a protective action against cardiovascular diseases. Peanut oil, like olive oil, is also very caloric. That is, despite having many positive properties it must be used in moderation to prevent obesity.


It is an excellent condiment suitable for all ages. That is, it is essential that it is of good quality. In particular because it stimulates gastric secretions and facilitates digestion. Then it has a positive action on the digestive system. That is, it has a protective action against the ulcer and promotes the functioning of the intestine and gallbladder. Then it improves the health of the tissues in fact it contains vitamia A, D, E, K. In other words it is useful for the health of the skin, the night vision process, for the calcification of the bones, for the antioxidant activities and for the coagulation phenomena.

Then it is always advisable to use good quality olive oil in the kitchen instead of butter. Otherwise you select the cooking system according to the different things you want to cook. That is, other fatty plant foods such as margarine are high in trans fat. In other words, they have a detrimental effect on health. For example, bad (LDL) cholesterol increases and good (HDL) cholesterol decreases. Cardiovascular diseases are frequent especially among regular consumers of products rich in trans fats such as margarine or packaged sweet snacks. Likewise, heart and arterial health should always be good among regular consumers of olive oil.

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Frying is a very popular method of cooking food because it particularly flavor foods. In addition, fried foods acquire a flavor and crunchiness unattainable with other cooking methods. The culinary art has developed techniques recommended for professional or amateur chefs to prepare a perfect and healthy frying.

The first tip is to use good quality extra virgin olive oil because it is heat resistant (it has a high smoke point). Frying a few pieces at a time because putting many in a pan would inevitably lower the temperature of the oil and therefore the fried would be less crunchy and absorb more oil. Then it is important to know when the oil has reached the right temperature. That is, by putting a crumb of bread in the oil we should see it sizzle.

In addition, those who love precision could equip themselves with a digital cooking thermometer to measure the right temperature for frying which should be around 180 ° C.

Then another tip is to place the fried on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Again, if we want to fry pieces of vegetables I would recommend dipping them in a batter before dipping them in oil. In particular, the batter must be prepared by mixing flour, egg, mineral water or beer (I prefer beer to mineral water) and salt.

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