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Walnut is a fruit that is often eaten dehydrated. In particular it belongs to the category of oily fruits. In addition, the dried fruit is a very nutritious food product, that is, it is a fairly caloric food: it has an energy content of about 600 kilocalories per pound. Then the walnut is a seed from which a new plant should develop. That is, it must contain a large amount of protein. In other words, it is one of the most protein fruits. For example, it is a winter fruit rich in oils that are very useful for health.

In particular, it contains many beneficial fats. That is, it is a very nutritious food product rich in unsaturated fats that stimulate the production of good cholesterol. For example HDL cholesterol. In other words, these oils are an important cardiovascular protection factor. For example, they reduce the blood content of LDL cholesterol. Then they have little tendency to settle on the blood vessel walls. That is, they do not increase the risk of vascular stenosis, heart attack, thrombosis, stroke.


The tree that produces walnuts is native to Asia but is now widespread all over the world. That is, walnuts can be bought easily and at reasonable prices everywhere. In addition, a product derived from walnuts and much appreciated is walnut oil. That is, it derives from the fat part of the walnut. Then it is highly prized for its richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are useful for the health of the cardiovascular system. In particular, they favor the increase of good or HDL cholesterol and the decrease in the blood concentration of bad or LDL cholesterol.


It is well known that walnuts should not be overdone because they are a very nutritious food product and very caloric foods. That is, they should not be used as a main meal also because they have a poor satiating power. In particular, this means that you would risk eating too much. Moreover they are excellent as a snack. Plus also as an ingredient in desserts. Furthermore, their caloric content is due to their content of beneficial fats. That is, they are present in a good condition of balance between unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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Then the nuts contain substances with a high antioxidant capacity such as vitamin E and selenium. In other words, they have a protective action against degenerative diseases and tumors. First of all, nuts are valued for their beneficial fat and protein content. But they also have a good content of fiber, important mineral salts such as iron. football. phosphorus. potassium. In addition, they are also rich in thiamine which is a precursor of vitamin B1.

Nuts are very valuable for their nutritional characteristics. Then they are mostly eaten dried. In particular, they have a protein content of about 14%. Then they are rich in lipids. Particularly. 90% of this amount of fat is represented by very beneficial lipids for health. That is, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. They are also appreciated for their Omega3 and argininine content. In particular, arginine is important for a healthy diet because it is an essential amino acid.


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L-Arginine is an essential amino acid. That is, it plays an important role in physical development during growth and in the healing process from trauma and burns. Then it has an important role in the purification processes from nitrogen compounds, in the synthesis of glucose and protein. In other words, arginine is useful for maintaining good health. That is, it helps those with hypertension, cardiovascular problems, infertility. For instance. those who practice physical activity benefit from a cardiovascular system in good condition thanks to arginine. In particular for its beneficial action on the good conditions of the vascular walls.

Then the usefulness of arginine for those who practice sports is demonstrated. In particular because it fights the oxidative stress that the sportsman undergoes during training and competitions. Otherwise it has a high glucogenic role which is useful for sportsmen. That is, an integration of arginine in the athlete’s diet is useful for enduring fatigue and reducing the oxidative risks generated by free radicals. In addition, a supplement of arginine with natural foods would be ideal for every athlete. In other words, adding nuts to the diet would improve the athlete’s sports performance.

Arginine ingested by food is to be preferred because it is a more natural system. That is, I would prefer to add walnuts or almonds to the athlete’s diet. In particular, the recommended dosages of L-arginine would correspond to a variable dose between 3 and 20 grams per day. Furthermore, I would recommend dividing the intake of this quantity into several daily portions. In particular, I would recommend walnuts for athletes because it is a very nutritious food product.


Arginine has been shown to be useful in improving male reproductive abilities. That is, it has a positive action in improving the quality of spermatozoa. In addition it has a good efficacy against oligospermia. Then it has a vasodilating action and therefore is useful against erectile dysfunction.


Arginine has many beneficial properties but also has some contraindications in particular cases. In other words, its intake should be limited in case of hypersensitivity. Otherwise it could also harm individuals with liver or kidney diseases. Patients with a proven predisposition to Herpes Simplex should also introduce arginine into the diet with caution.


Walnuts are a healthy food that is highly urilic for integumentary health. That is, skin, hair and hair. That is, they contain an oil with moisturizing and nourishing properties. In particular, its health benefits come from its polyunsaturated and unsaturated fat content. That is those health benefits. In particular they are Omega3 and Omega6. In addition, they have good antibacterial and anioxidant properties. For example, the use of these oils in the diet or in shampoo or shower gel give great benefits to skin and hair.

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Then these lipids contained in nuts and dried fruit are also useful against hair and oily skin. In addition they have a high protective action against exposure to sunlight. Then the lipids contained in walnuts also favor tanning because they stimulate the production of melanin. In particular, they are useful if added to the daily diet in both winter and summer. That is, these are the times of the year when skin and hair are most stressed. For example in summer due to heat. sun and sweat. In addition, the winter also stresses skin and hair due to the cold.

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