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The egg is a structure underlying the reproduction of birds. In particular, these animals produce eggs contained in a shell. Then most of the embryonic development takes place inside the egg. That is, the flea is formed using the nutrients contained in the yolk. In particular these nutrients made the egg very useful to be included in the diet of everyone who choose an healthy life. Then it is essential to maintain a constant temperature of just over 38 ° C. In particular for the whole duration of the development of the chick. The egg is formed by an apparently simple calcareous shell but, in reality, with a very complex structure. In addition, the shell is porous in order to allow a gaseous exchange with the outside.

Then inside there are the albumen and the egg. The importance that the egg can have for the human diet lies in a simple reasoning. That is, all the nutrients are present in it. That is, all the amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates necessary for the bodily development of a living being. In other words, it contains all the nutrients useful for a complete diet.


Egg white is an important food for the diet. Moreover. unlike the yolk it is free of cholesterol or other fats. That is, it is a beneficial food for those who have hypercholesterolemia problems or suffer from gallbladder stones. In addition it is considered a very useful food for its content of magnesium, potassium, sodium. As well as rich in B vitamins and also glucose. That is it has to be included in the diet od everyone. But I would like to talk about a very useful precaution for those who intend to eat egg white regularly. That is, it is important that it be eaten cooked.

Especially raw egg white has some anti-nutritional factors. In other words, it must be cooked because otherwise it would not be digestible. First of all because cooking denatures its proteins and makes them more easily absorbed by the digestive system. Then the heat has a denaturing and neutralizing effect on the avidin. In particular, the avidid is an antivitaminic substance. That is, it binds to biotin or vitamin H and limits its absorption in the intestine.


First of all it is advisable to eat eggs that are cooked or at least pasteurized. In other words, solmomella is almost always present in chickens. First of all, this bacterium resides permanently in the intestine. But it is the duty of the conscientious breeder to take care of the hygiene of the breeding. That is to prevent salmonella from spreading and causing problems for chickens. Furthermore, it is impossible for salmonella contamination on the egg to be completely prevented. But box values ​​of contamination do not give any problem to man. First of all because small amounts of salmonella are also present in the human intestine. Secondly, it is important to buy eggs as fresh as possible and from serious companies that take great care of farm hygiene. In particular to limit salmonella contamination.


The egg is a structure that forms in the oviduct. It is made up of water, nutrients and calcium in the shell. Especially to allow the formation of the egg it is essential to feed the hen correctly. That is, it is necessary to provide the bird with all the elements necessary to make the egg. In particular, it is necessary to develop a balanced diet for the hen that allows it to lay eggs continuously. In addition, these eggs must be well balanced from a nutritional point of view.

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That is, the organoleptic characteristics of the egg are very dependent on the feeding of the bird. In particular, the recommended protein content for these feeds should vary between 16 and 18%. Then the feed base should usually be corn or wheat by-products such as wheat farinaccio. In addition, the main protein source should be represented by soy which has a protein content of about 36%.

Especially some farming methods such as organic allow to replace soybean with field bean. Especially with the advances in nutritional science and genetic selection, the hen has become a great producer of this extraordinary food which is the egg.


The yolk contains most of the egg’s nutrients. In particular, it contains over 15% of lipids. Moreover, its greatest value is represented by its protein content. In addition, especially from the great variety of essential amino acids it possesses. First of all for these characteristics the protein composition of the egg is considered ideal. Especially for this reason the amino acid content of the egg is the basis for calculating the biological value of a food. That is, the percentage of the presence of amino acids in a food is measured.

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Then it is compared with the percentage content of the amino acid in the egg yolk. Finally, the closer the two values ​​are, the higher the biological value of a food is considered. In particular, making this calculation the egg is the food with the highest biological value. Then, as far as saturated fats are concerned, they are about 30% of total fats. In addition, it also has a fairly high cholesterol content.


In particular because they are still a very useful and very beneficial food. It has to be included in the diet. Then I would recommend using more effective ways to control cholesterol. That is, a rational diet without exceeding in fatty foods. Then movement is very important, no smoke and do not overdo it with alcohol and fries. It is still advisable to introduce whole foods, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, one or two daily glasses of red wine into the diet.Recent studies have reduced the perception of the egg as a major contributor to raising cholesterol. That is, the blood cholesterol values ​​that should not exceed the value of 200mg / 100ml of blood for total cholesterol. In addition, the value not to be exceeded for LDL cholesterol would be 130mg / 100ml of blood.


That is, the egg contains a fair amount of cholesterol inside. Na has not been shown to have a determinant influence on the increase in cholesterolemia. So it is a foos that has to be always included in the diet. That is, it has a good lecithin content which has a cholesterol-lowering effect. In particular, this means that lecithin helps to control any excessive cholesterol values. Then the cholesterol that circulates in the blood is mainly of endogenous origin. That is, over 70% is produced by the body. In other words, less than 30% is of food origin. First of all, therefore, it is of little use to completely exclude eggs from one’s diet. That is, it would be much more useful to limit them to two per week.

In particular because they are still a very useful and very beneficial food. Then I would recommend using more effective ways to control cholesterol. That is, a rational diet without exceeding in fatty foods. Then movement is very important, no smoke and do not overdo it with alcohol and fries. It is still advisable to introduce whole foods, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, one or two daily glasses of red wine into the diet.


In particular, in addition to eating eggs, it is important to cook them properly. That is, I said earlier that it is healthier to nab the cooked egg. Furthermore, it is good to do this to eliminate avidin which is an anti-vitamin factor that is denatured with heat. Then the heat partially denatures the egg proteins and makes them more absorbable. The art of cooking has created many ways to cook the egg.

For example the healthiest and most useful from the health point of view is the EGG IN SHIRT. It has to be often included in the diet. That is, the egg is broken and poured whole, i.e. complete with egg white and egg in slightly acidic water. Then it is important that it is at the minimum boiling point and it is cooked for two minutes. In particular, this is the healthiest method that leaves the nutritional properties almost unchanged.

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Then other healthy methods of cooking egg are soft-boiled cooking and hard-boiled egg. Secondly, other cooking methods such as fried egg or omelette give a very tasty dish. but they should be limited in frequency because they are very caloric due to the presence of the oil. Then we must also take into account the alterations that the oil can undergo during cooking at high temperature. Finally, whatever the cooking method, I always recommend using extra virgin olive oil as a condiment or base for frying.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà


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