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Orange is the fruit of the orange tree. In particular, it is a seasonal fruit. In other words, the most common oranges are harvested from November to May. First of all it is surprising to understand how nature has made us evolve so that we can use all the natural resources available. In other words, our biochemical system has evolved to take advantage of the most useful natural resources at any time of the year. That is, our metabolic system has adapted to using vegetables containing vitamin C precisely in the period in which it is most useful. Like the winter period.


Orange is a very popular fruit for its fresh and thirst-quenching flavor. In addition, it is known for its beneficial properties for health. Then they are included in the category of nutraceutical foods. Otherwise ia one of the most important In particular among the natural resources available, those foods that produce obvious health benefits belong to this category. Active ingredients with a mutraceutical effect are usually synthetic substances contained in supplements. Then they can often also be extracted from natural foods and then concentrated. Finally they are added to pills, powders or added to foods. As well as, in rarer cases they may be present in sufficient quantities in food. Although there are not many natural foods containing nutraceuticals, there are exceptions. That is, one of these is the orange which is a recommended food for anyone. In particular, its antioxidant power is confirmed.

In addition, it has been known since centuries that the orange has numerous positive characteristics. They are especially appreciated in addition to the antioxidant power of which I have spoken also beneficial for the digestive system and the nervous system. In other words, it stimulates sigestion and relaxes the stomach. Then this fruit is appreciated for its purifying activity. Finally it has a positive action on the nervous system. That is, it has a calming effect and therefore reduces stress and anxiety. In addition, using orange as a side dish for meat or fish instead of a salad is useful for increasing the organoleptic properties of the food. For example, the vitamin C contained in oranges or in salads increases the body’s ability to absorb the iron contained in the food.


Then they are foods that have few contraindications. In particular because they have a low calorie content. That is about 35 kcal per 100 grams. Still they are almost free of fat. Above all it is very rich in the well-known vitamin C. But their content of vitamin A, carotenoids, flavonoids, anthocyanins is also very useful. Then it is a fruit recommended for diabetics and in any case for those suffering from blood sugar, that is, oranges, if eaten in moderation, do not play a decisive role in increasing insulin production. In particular for the reason that the sugar contained in them is mainly fructose.

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Flavonoids are a category of compounds that are very useful to the body. Otherwise are present in a grat number of the natural resources available. In particular, the body derives numerous benefits from these substances. That is, the best known is the antioxidant action. For example they fight free radicals. Moreover, they are strongly oxidizing chemical compounds produced in the course of metabolic reactions which are harmful to health. For example, they are highly reactive molecules that damage tissues and DNA. First of all, one of the most useful activities of flavonoids is to fight free radicals. That is, they have anti-inflammatory action and prevent tissue damage.

Then they are useful in keeping the intestinal organs in good health. In addition, they have a good protective anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. Furthermore, the continuous administration of flavonoids has a proven positive effect in preventing capillary fragility. That is, they contribute to the chemical processes of synthesis of the substances constituting the endoltelium of the blood vessels.


The effect of moderate and continuous administration of flavonoids to animals was investigated. In particular, no curative activity of these substances has been demonstrated. but an activity that contributes to generate great benefits for the organism is amply demonstrated. That is also a prevention activity against many diseases. Particularly not so much with direct action. But helping to keep the body healthy and efficient and therefore able to defend itself against old age and the attack of pathogens.


They are common substances within plants. That is, fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots, seeds contain them in large quantities. but also tea and red wine are rich in it. In particular, plants contract flavonoids because they are accumulated in the vacuoles and plastids of plant cells. In other words, a diet containing plenty of plant products will be rich in flavonoids. That is, I never tire of repeating that a balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life.


They are very useful substances belonging to the sugar family. Then they are very present in the plant world. In particular, fruit and vegetables are rich in it. In particular, from the biological point of view they have the role of reserve substances. Then the effects on the organism of living beings of these substances were studied. That is, their antioxidant activities are dimtrater. therefore they have protective activity against damage to tissues and DNA from free radicals. In other words, they are very effective in preventing aging. For example, they have a positive action in maintaining a good quality of fabrics. That is, a food rich in anthocyanins such as cranberry juice prevents water retention and capillary fragility. Then the anti-inflammatory activity of anthocyanins is also known. In addition, their antioxidant activity has a good protective action against tumors and against aging.


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Oranges are a seasonal fruit. That is, most varieties of this fruit ripen and become edible in a period between November and May. Otherwise they are one of the most important among the natural resources available. Then they are very abundant in the markets close to the production areas. For example, often in these lioghi you can buy oranges with the green leaves still attached to the fruit. In particular, this is a useful sales method from a commercial point of view. Especially because it gives guarantees to the consumer on the freshness of the fruit. That is, green leaves attached to the fruit show that it has only been harvested for a day or two.

First of all, a fresh orange is a concentrate of substances that are beneficial for health. That is, it can be eaten in wedges or squeezed. In particular, the benefits of this fruit derive from the fibers it contains. But also from vitamins, mineral salts, flavonoids, anthocyanins, fructose. In addition to strengthening the capillaries, the substances contained in oranges improve the immune system and promote digestion.


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The orange salad is a refreshing dish and is typical of Sicily. That is, the extraordinary climate of this island gives the oranges excellent nutritional characteristics. In particular, the sweet and juicy oranges of this island are very famous for their flavor and high organoleptic properties. In the Sicilian orange salad they are separated into the various segments. Then each clove is cut in half. In addition we combine black olives cut into rounds, chopped red onion and a few basil leaves.

Especially this set of flavors will create a concert of sensations that will enhance the perception of the taste buds. In particular, all this will generate an extraordinary result. Then the best effect will be obtained by combining this salad with fish or meat dishes. That is, this side dish will complement both the flavor and the organoleptic properties. For example, vitamin C will promote the absorption of the iron contained in meat.

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