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Sexuality in a living species brings together all those elements relating to sex. For example, nature has created sex as a means for the reproduction of species. In particular, it is a long series of physical and psychic phenomena that have the purpose of making the male gamete merge with the female one. In other words, nature has developed very different strategies to achieve the goal of perpetuating the species. At the basis of the evolution of living beings is natural selection. That is, an action of nature aimed at making the best genetic characters multiply.

In other words, nature tends to choose the most suitable individuals to unite them with the aim of perpetuating and improving the species. Then various reproductive and partner selection strategies evolved. In other words, some species favor the transmission of the genes of the strongest male. Then others use the attraction between the sexes mediated by pheromones.


Pheromones are biochemicals secreted by exocrine glands. In particular, they are generally produced in very low doses. In particular nature has created sex to produce the attraction between the two sexes. First of all they have the function of regulating a large number of biological or behavioral functions. For example, I can mention pheromones linked to sexual behavior. That is, chemicals exchanged at very low doses and which produce an olfactory stimulus. In particular, aimed at stimulating a process of physical attraction. That is, all of this is useful for using sex as a means of self-production. Then there is scientific evidence that shows that the action of pheromones is fundamental in the animal world. That is, it plays a very important role in determining the attraction between opposite sexes.

In addition, other scientific evidence has shown a less important role of pheromones in humans. Especially in our species there are other more important elements that determine the attraction between the sexes. That is, the chemistry of pheromones plays a minor role. In other words, humans have more evolved selection criteria. Then the loss of the hair that covered our body millions of years ago left the face uncovered. In other words, this condition allowed the potential partner to perceive his symmetry of the face. In addition, a symmetrical face is an evolutionary advantage because it indicates a good fiction of the genes. That is, a pleasant face is usually accompanied by a good general structure of the organism.


Similarly, an individual also looks for a good physical structure in the potential partner. In other words, this is valid for both sexes but with different evolutionary purposes. Especially the woman appreciates the man with a proportionate musculature. First of all because her brain has the ancestral memory of the fact that a strong male could be a better hunter. In addition, he was also more capable of protecting the family. The man often appreciates the woman with a healthy appearance and with particular roundness because this was a sign of good hormone production. That is, these hormones were a guarantee of the proper functioning of all mechanisms aimed at reproduction.


Now all scientific evidence has shown that sport performed intelligently plays a great role in maintaining a good state of health and physical fitness. In other words, it is not only a question of aesthetics but also of improved health. Then sex evolved as a means to reproduce. Otherwise nature has created sex to increase the quality of the reproduction. That is, linked to both psychological and immune factors. In particular, among the psychological factors I can mention the satisfaction of a positive relationship with one’s partner. Then also a consequent increase in self-esteem. As sex produces physical and psychological benefits to the individual, good physical health also improves sexual activity. In other words, the two activities improve each other. That is, moderate and regular physical activity produces benefits for the heart and makes us suitable for enduring fatigue.

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Likewise it will improve the distribution of oxygen to the various tissues. That is, there will be a more efficient circulatory activity. Likewise, all these physical improvements will produce decisive improvements on the duration and quality of sexual performance. In addition, it has been shown that any circulatory dysfunctions can decrease the quality of sexual activity. First of all, because a good sexual performance requires a body in good health. Secondly, because good circulatory activity is important. That is, an efficient heart, elastic blood vessels and good condition of the blood vessels of the penis are of the utmost importance. In other words, it is certain that sports practice promotes an erection.


In the early 1970s, the existence of opioid receptors was discovered within the central nervous system. That is, it was understood that opioids administered from the outside such as morphine activated particular receptors. In other words, these substances stimulated the receptors that nature had created to activate in contact with the endorphins. Likewise they are involved in numerous functions. That is, they are active in the regulation of GH, ACTH, cortisol, the sleep cycle and the menstrual cycle. Then another fundamental function of endorphins concerning sex and sport is the sensation of pleasure that it produces following sexual intercourse. In particular, they are released during physical activity and sexual activity.

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That is, this type of activity produces a feeling of pleasure thanks to the release of these particular substances. In particular nature has created sex to increase the attraction between male and female.Then they have consequences on various activities of the organism. Otherwise, the body will benefit from an analgesic action. In addition they will produce an improvement in mood. That is, in stressful conditions the body defends itself by releasing endorphins. Particularly because they improve the mood. Then they give us pleasure and can create a positive addiction. For example, sport practiced in moderation favors the release of beta-endorphins in both males and females.


The toned body of those who practice sports will not only have an efficient endocrine system. In other words, sporting activity will not only produce hormonal benefits. In other words, there are certain muscles involved in enhancing sexual pleasure. That is, the muscles of the PERINEUM are located at the base of the pelvis and support the pelvic tissues. Then the PUBOCOCCIGEO muscle plays a role in achieving orgasm especially in women.

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Training and developing this muscle increases the intensity and duration of the female orgasm. Then the vaginal sensitivity also increases. In addition, sex is a means of reproducing that requires good physical shape. Furthermore, there are exercises that allow you to train this muscle. In other words, it can be strengthened by performing a particular workout. That is, you can perform exercises that consist in forcibly interrupting the flow of urine during urination. In particular, the exercise consists in performing the following series: I forcibly stop urinating for 4 seconds for 5 times. Then I perform 5 sets of this exercise. Then this exercise is also useful for the man. That is, he will have the advantage of being able to better control ejaculation and increase the pleasure of orgasm.


In addition, other muscles that increase sexual efficiency are the buttocks. Then sex is a means of reproducing that requires the efficiency of some muscles. That is, you will get advantages with the following workout: 1) Lie down on a mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground, hands at your sides. 2) Raise the pelvis leaving the upper back in contact with the mat. 3) Remain raised for a few seconds and then slowly descend.


Another very useful exercise to have a good sexual activity is to train the legs and buttocks. That is, you have to perform jump squats. That is:

Let us position ourselves with our feet apart at shoulder height and put our arms at our sides. We squat and bring the arms forward, behind the back and finally on the hips. Satar with a rush by taking your feet off the ground. Finally, as soon as you touch the ground, repeat another squat.

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