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Sex is a source of pleasure and fulfillment and is the means invented by nature to allow the fusion of the DNA of two individuals. That is, all multicellular living beings, male and female, contribute to the genetic makeup of the result of their fusion. In other words, this expedient of nature aims to create variability between one generation and the next. For example, children have inherited genetic traits from two parents. Then this variability is the basis of the constant improvement of the species.

For example, all this happens thanks to natural selection. That is, nature provides better individuals with greater chances of survival. In addition, evolution has created a complex mechanism to allow natural selection to be effective in improving the species. That is, it is a very complex and evolved mechanism regulated by a complicated series of biokinetic events and instinctive or learned behaviors. First of all, some behavioral norms aimed at reproduction are determined by neuronal circuits already present at birth. Then other behavioral norms are learned culturally. That is, the reproductive system is modulated by a long series of regulatory agents of an electrical, environmental and chemical nature. In other words, the chemical impulses that determine the formation of testicles or ovaries in male and female begin to act at the moment of the onset of embryonic development.


Then whether a boy or a girl is born there will be a series of biochemical events that will regulate the estrous cycle in both sexes. In other words, in all animals, including humans, chemistry will regulate reproductive capabilities. For example, there will be chemicals with this function that will be produced by the body and others that will be introduced from the outside with food. Then environmental stimuli such as light, food and temperature are of great importance. In particular, melatonin plays an essential role in regulating reproductive cycles. That is, it undergoes a decrease in its production in the brightest periods and an increase in the darkest ones. In other words, its greater or lesser production stimulates sexual activity in winter or summer depending on the duration of the pregnancy of the species.


For example, in species that have a pregnancy duration of about one year, it is useful to favor mating at the end of spring. That is, in the case of the cow, so that the calf is born 10 months and two weeks later that is in early spring and has a better chance of surviving. Similarly, the situation is similar for the horse which has a pregnancy duration of 11 months and two weeks. But the lack of light is a stimulating factor in species with a five-month pregnancy such as goats and sheep.

In other words, in this case it is advisable for fertilization to take place in winter so that the lamb or kid is born in the spring. Then a similar argument can also be made for the dog that has a pregnancy duration of 2 months and 2 days or the cat that has a duration of two months minus two days. That is, nature has developed this mechanism to give birth to the young in the season when the food is more abundant and the temperatures are more favorable.


In other words, all this makes us understand that chemistry is fundamental for sex as a source of pleasure and in the regulation of reproductive activity. That is with regards to the development of gametes and embryonic development. But external stimuli and chemistry regulate more evolved functions such as the attraction between the sexes and the pleasure one feels during sexual activity. In addition, there are chemicals that can modulate sexual activity. First of all, those that are introduced with food are of great importance. That is, some of them are similar to substances naturally produced by the body and therefore also capable of carrying out an important regulatory activity. First of all, some of these important substances are contained in a very common food. I mean, I’m talking about corn.

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Corn is a plant derived from a wild species domesticated by Mexican indigenous peoples during prehistoric times. In addition, it is one of the most important cereals from a nutritional point of view in the world. That is, from Central America it has spread all over the world. Then it became fundamental as a zootechnical food. In other words, it is an important part of the food ration of many livestock. In particular, it represents the main percentage of the ration for reared chickens. That is, we understand the importance of corn in breeding knowing that chicken is the most important species bred quantitatively. Moreover, after the discovery of America it spread all over the world.


In particular, it is a very popular cereal because it is very nutritious. Then its high production yield per hectare of cultivated land is important. That is, it is double that of wheat. In other words, corn has a maximum yield of 140 quintals per hectare. Similarly, wheat has a yield of 70 quintals per hectare. In addition, it must be added that it is an excellent food if included in a varied diet. That is, it has the only defect that it is low in the amino acid called niacin. In other words, corn is good if it is present in human nutrition but not exclusively. That is, it should be accompanied by foods containing niacin. In particular, it is present in white meats, many fish, spinach and peanuts.

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We often hear of aphrodisiac foods. That is, it is believed that some foods are capable of stimulating attraction between the sexes. In particular, to stimulate sex as a source of pleasure, that is, we talked about the aphrodisiac activity of ostiche, caviar, shrimp. but in reality these foods have no proven activity of increasing sexual attraction. In particular, the aphrodisiac activity must be based on real chemical and physiological bases. For example, foods such as oysters, salmon and caviar only have a psychological aphrodisiac effect. That is, they stimulate attraction on a mental level. In other words, they create a typical atmosphere of a romantic dinner. In particular, they give rise to those mental conditions that stimulate physical attraction. But there are aphrodisiacs that have a real stimulating function based on real chemical and physiological events. That is, underlying this function is the relationship between sexual activity and dopamine.


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In the central nervous system there are particular structures called neurotransmitters that are used to transmit nerve signals. In particular they serve to stimulate so sex is a source of pleasure. That is, this mechanism is the basis of the functioning of the nervous system. In particular, two neurotransmitters are particularly interesting. First of all I am referring to dopamine and then also to serotonin. Especially a correct concentration of these two substances is the basis of a correct nerve transmission. For example, it has been shown that an incorrect functioning in the release system of these two substances is at the basis of some neurological pathologies. I am referring to depression and Parkinson’s disease or even the ability to make decisions. In other words, dopamine increases when we think about a choice.

Then it was shown that dopamine and serotonin play an important role in the processes of learning, brain plasticity, making sex a source of pleasure and perception of the environment. dopamine and serotonin play an important role in the phenomenon of physical attraction. That is why sex is a source of pleasure. In particular, an increase in blood concentrations of serotonin mudulates the attraction and interest towards the partner in a negative sense. As well as, on the contrary, high levels of dopamine strengthen the process of focusing on the person and, in particular, on the most attractive aspects of her. Then dopamine gives us the ability to rationalize and therefore better tolerate anxieties and fears. In addition, serotonin imbalances favor recurring thoughts towards the desired person.


I have described the positive role played by dopamine in achieving a state of happiness, serenity and good sexual activity. That is, dopamine is produced by means of its main precursor which is tyrosine. Corn in particular is a food particularly rich in tyrosine. In other words, a diet in which maize or corn is well represented will produce positive effects on happiness, serenity and sexual fulfillment.

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