Sex is the means invented by nature as an instrument of pleasure and to allow the reproduction of living beings. That is, it has the purpose of favoring the union of gametes between two individuals. In particular, most plants and animals are male or female. For example, they possess gametes which unite to form a zygote from which a new individual will develop. Then it will not be identical to the parents but will have intermediate characteristics between the two. In particular, this is an evolutionary advantage because the diversity between children and parents is the basis of natural selection.


Two centuries ago Charles Darwin expounded the theory of evolution favored by natural selection. In other words, he proposed a theory which was confirmed by experimentation in the coming decades. That is, I’m talking about the theory of natural selection. For example, one of the fundamental concepts of this theory held that nature favors the survival and multiplication of the best individuals. So, those with the most suitable characteristics to adapt to the environment. In other words, this mechanism favored the transmission of the best genes in the various species. In particular, sex is a tool invented by nature and has constantly improved living species. For example, this is the reason why, from the first single-celled organisms formed billions of years ago we have come to modern complex living beings.


At the basis of sex there is a series of very complex phenomena mediated by hormones and external stimuli. In particular, their aim is to make sex a means to reproduce. Plus also to make it evolve as an instrument of pleasure. That is, the hormones begin to act during the early stages of embryonic development. In other words, they determine the differentiation between the sexes. For example, they are the cause of the formation of the primary and secondary sexual organs. In other words, the primary sexual organs are the male and female gonads.

That is, testes and eggs. Then the secondary sexual organs are those that do not produce hormones or gametes but that contribute to the reproductive process. In particular they are penis, labia majora, breasts, vagina, uterus. So, they are essential in the production of hormones essential for the regulation of reproductive cycles. For example, the main among them are FSH, LH, progesterone and testosterone. Then they, in addition to allowing the functioning of the reproductive system, also determine sexual dimorphism.


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This expression defines the set of physical characteristics that allow to distinguish the male and female of each animal based on its physical appearance. In other words, during the embryonic development before and during the physical one after the two sexes develop with different physical characteristics. That is, males are usually larger in size. Then they have a more developed musculature. Particularly because sex is the tool invented by nature to improve the species. In addition, sexual dimorphism also affects brain development. That is, neuroscience has used new brain analysis techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging. In particular, they have allowed us to demonstrate that male and female brains have developed more different abilities between them.


That is, the male brain has greater math and orientation skills in space. But the female one has superior skills of empathy and organization. For example, these differences were favored by evolution millions of years ago when the male was engaged in hunting. But the woman had the fundamental task of raising children and organizing domestic life. In particular, this greater rationality of the female brain was important for the evolution of the species. For example, the woman instinctively chose the man with the best social position in the herd. That is, it made this selection both in modern times and in ancient times. In other words, the skilled hunter man in the past or the man with a good social position in the present was a guarantee for the survival of the children.


Proper development of muscle mass is synonymous with good health. Then it also indicates the possibility of having the possibility of following a correct diet. Furthermore, today a healthy and athletic appearance in modern times has mainly an aesthetic value as well as being an instrument of pleasure. But, from the evolutionary point of view, the ancestral instinct of the woman to prefer mating with a strong man remained.

That is, therefore, one who should be a skilled hunter and able to defend the family from dangers. Then, in modern times the living conditions of men have changed a lot. But the instinct that binds some aesthetic canons to a functional purpose has remained. Then also the man prefers the woman with a healthy aspect. Because this means that his genes and his reproductive system give greater guarantees of being able to successfully transmit the genetic code of the parents. In other words, adequate musculature has a double advantage.



First of all, I have already talked about the importance of the aesthetics of a good muscle structure. That is, it indicates good health and therefore the possibility of being able to pass on a correct genetic heritage to children. Secondly, the function that muscles perform in improving the functionality of the reproductive system is even more important. Exercise is known to promote muscle hypertrophy.

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Similarly, the main sex hormone linked to sexual desire is testosterone. In addition, it is mainly produced by the male organism. But the female one also produces a certain amount. That is, a young and healthy woman produces about 300 micrograms per day. In man it is fundamental for sexual desire, for reproductive activity and for secondary sexual characteristics. But also in women it has a lot of importance. For example, it is fundamental in the sexual maturation process of the young girl. Then, as in man it is important in stimulating sexual desire. In particular, it is essential that testosterone is present in the blood in the right quantities.


There is a known relationship between muscle mass and testosterone levels. In other words, we can speak of the existence of a proportionality between them. Then in-depth studies of physiology and sports medicine demonstrated the existence of a proportionality between testosterone levels, muscle mass and sports performance. In other words, sport aimed at increasing muscle mass increases the production of testosterone and the number of androgen receptors. That is, those receptors that perceive the presence of testosterone in the blood. Then they, consequently, stimulate the effect of increasing sexual desire and increasing muscle mass. In other words, exercises that simultaneously involve many areas of the body such as running or bodybuilding favor the increase in blood testosterone values.


That is, exercises with muscle loading have 3 main effects. First of all, they increase muscle mass. Secondly, they increase androgen receptors. Otherwise, of those receptors that perceive the presence of testosterone. Then they increase muscle tension. Moreover it must be said that these effects occur on those who practice bodybuilding in a natural way. That is, without the use of doping hormones. Furthermore, these doping hormones would have a negative effect on the natural release of testosterone. In other words, they would be an obstacle to proper sexual activity. That is, bodybuilding and natural sport promote good sexual activity. Moreover bodybuilding with the use of anabolic hormones is not an ally of sex intended as an instrument of pleasure.


It was once said that so-called aphrodisiac foods existed to increase the possibility of sex becoming an instrument of pleasure. That is, foods like chocolate, pepper, chili, oysters. Then science proved that these idioms were just popular fantasies. First of all, sex is the tool invented by nature to favor the continuation of the species. In other words, science has shown that the foods that promote sexual activity are those that improve the health and efficiency of the organism. That is, a diet that improves blood circulation. Furthermore, it does not promote diabetes, that is, it is not rich in sugars. Then help the blood to stay fluid and the heart to work without getting too tired. In other words, the best diet for maintaining good sexual efficiency is the Mediterranean diet.


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Nutritionists have shown that an improper diet that is high in fat and low in vitamins and fiber is an obstacle to proper sexual activity. First of all, we must avoid a diet that favors the onset of type 2 diabetes or obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. In particular, an excessive accumulation of abdominal fat has an inflammatory effect. Then the deposit of fat on the blood vessels hinders the erection. It is known that the ideal diet for maintaining good health and not excessive body weight is the Mediterranean one. In addition, this diet is useful for keeping arterial blood pressure within optimal values. That is, good health is essential for sex to be an instrument of pleasure.


For a good health of the reproductive and muscular system, to favor the phenomena that lead to mating and to make sex an instrument of pleasure, a healthy diet is recommended. In particular, I talked about the healthiness of the Mediterranean diet. That is, it is useful to eat foods mainly of plant origin. Furthermore, for good cardiovascular health, it is preferable to choose foods low in saturated fats, simple sugars and rich in fiber and vitamins. That is, it is advisable to eat in which there are plenty of pasta and rice. Then it would often be useful to prefer the integral ones. In addition, fresh fruit and vegetables should be on the table every day. Furthermore, it would be useful to frequently eat blue fish and use raw extra virgin olive oil as a condiment. Then the dried fruit should not be missing.

In particular, this diet provides all the nutrients useful for a good sexual activity. That is, vitamins A, B, C, E as well as selenium, magnesium and zinc. In addition, a diet rich in healthy protein sources such as legumes and blue fish would be advisable. Then also protein sources such as cheese, meat and eggs are not to be avoided but to be limited. For example, good sexual activity and building adequate muscle mass requires a good presence of amino acids. In particular of the branched ones present mainly in foods of animal origin. Then the athlete must be careful to choose the healthiest foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains. That is, the latter are particularly healthy thanks to their low glycemic index.


It is well known that sex is an instrument of pleasure. In particular, it is an activity that requires a certain physical effort and therefore it is useful to have a trained body. For example, the care of the body useful for a good sexual performance requires three fundamental elements. First of all, a relaxed and serene mind. That is, sex is better when accompanied by a feeling of true love and passion for the partner.

Otherwise, worries and anxiety states should be neglected in those moments. In other words, I recommend relaxation and mind control exercises to be performed almost daily. That is, it would be useful to practice 20 or 30 minutes a day simple meditation and visualization exercises (the books or the internet are full of examples on such exercises). Secondly, it is very useful to follow a correct diet (I talked about it in the previous paragraphs). Then I recommend some physical exercises to train yourself to practice sex in the best way.

In other words, physical training is useful for men and for making sex an instrument of pleasure and improving sexual performance. That is, physical activity allows greater resistance, a high production of testosterone. Moreover  also strength and elasticity to increase effectiveness and duration of performance. In particular thanks to the increase in the production of substances that increase pleasure.


The first exercise I recommend is the SQUAT exercise to strengthen and give flexibility to the thighs and buttocks. That is, you start from the standing position, push your butt back and keep your knees in correspondence with your toes.

Then another useful exercise is the BRIDGE to strengthen the glutes, pelvic floor and lower abdominals. In particular, this exercise increases the sensation of pleasure by intensifying the orgasm. Lie on a mat with your back close to the ground and your knees positioned at   90 ° with your arms at your sides. Then, inhaling, the pelvis is raised using the heels as support and straining the buttocks. In particular, it is correct to inhale when lifting the pelvis and exhale when descending.

Moreover a useful exercise is to strengthen the buttocks, hips and lower abdominals and the HULA HOOP.

That is, it burns fat and increases the intensity and the possibility of reaching orgasm. Then shoulders, trunk and arms can be strengthened with PLANK. That is, you have to lie down on the mat on your stomach and do some push-ups on your elbows, keeping them bent at 90 °. You stand up keeping your body parallel to the floor. Then it’s back down. In addition, inhale during the descent and exhale during the effort.


Otherwise, the KEGEL exercises are very important. In other words, sexual pleasure is greatly increased by training the pelvic floor muscles.Moreover it is also useful for the prevention of urinary incontinence. That is, the muscles we use when we hold urine are strengthened. Then you have to lie down on your stomach. So contract those muscles for 10 seconds. Finally release the muscle for 10 seconds. Moreover repeat the exercise. In particular in men, this exercise is also useful to reduce the problem of premature ejaculation.

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