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 The proper nutrition is important to provide the body with the right amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water. The organism of living beings can be defined as an open thermodynamic system. In other words, it is a biological system, a proper nutyition is important to maintains its stability and reproduces itself thanks to a continuous exchange of matter and energy with the outside world. That is, it needs energy and other substances to live and gets it from food.


Metabolism is that set of chemical phenomena that make it possible to use energy and matter taken from the surrounding environment to live. That is, the proteins contained in foods of animal and vegetable origin have a plastic, enzymatic and immune function. In other words, they bind together to form the scaffolding which constitutes the structure of living beings. Then most of the ENZYMES are proteins. That is, they have the indispensable function of causing many chemical reactions to occur and regulating their speed. Ultimately they are the constituents of most ANTIBODIES. In other words, they are essential for the functioning of the immune system. That is, proper nutrition is important for health.


In the course of evolution, animals and plants have developed a complex metabolic system capable of supplying energy and processing substances useful to the organism. That is, the living use carbohydrates as their primary source of energy. In other words, carbohydrates are ternary compounds that is formed by hydrogen, carbon, oxygen. Then atoms are linked together by some very energetic chemical bonds. In other words, the reaction of carbohydrates with oxygen breaks these bonds causing a release of energy that is used by the body. Evolution has provided the cells with internal organelles called mitochondria in which chemical reactions for energy production take place. In particular, the primary source of energy for living beings is constituted by carbohydrates.


A valid index that provides information on the body’s good energy balance is blood sugar. It is a value that indicates the amount of glucose present in the blood. In particular, fasting and postprandial blood glucose values ​​are taken into consideration. That is, the normal values ​​are 70-100 milligrams per deciliter in fasting. In addition, normal postprandial blood glucose values ​​should be less than 140 milligrams per deciliter. First of all, the animal organism must check that the blood glucose values ​​are within fairly constant values. In particular, there are cells called glucostates that measure the amount of sugar in the blood. Then any blood glucose values ​​that are too low or high are quickly corrected with the secretion of insulin and glucagon. That is, insulin promotes the entry of sugars into the blood and their use. In other words, it has the function of lowering blood sugar when it becomes too high. Similarly, the opposite phenomenon is performed by glucagon. In particular it raises the blood sugar.


They are substances produced by the pancreas and are indispensable for life. Then a correct nutrition is important for the good functioning of this mechanism. In other words, their controlled production maintains the body’s glycemic balance. For example, in a healthy individual, if the blood sugar rises excessively after a meal, the pancreas produces insulin to balance the blood sugar content. Then the reverse occurs with the production of glucagon if the blood sugar drops excessively. In a healthy individual with proper nutrition, this mechanism is very efficient. But there are alterations of these processes due to physiological, pathological causes, dietary dysfunctions.
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For example, one of these causes is attributable to diabetes. That is, the pancreas has a poor ability to produce insulin or to react readily to changes in blood sugar. In particular, a high glycemic value creates circulatory and metabolic problems. Then it favors the development of inflammatory states as well as the degeneration of some tissues. First of all, this dangerous pathology must be treated with an adequate diet. Secondly, good drug therapy is also very important, which can also lead to the periodic administration of insulin.
Then it is useful to distinguish the two main types of diabetes. That is type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. First of all, type 1 diabetes is the most serious because it is due to dysfunction of the structures that produce insulin. In other words, it is serious because it cannot be cured definitively but can only be controlled with therapy. Then the other fundamental type of diabetes is type 2 for which proper nutrition is important. That is, it is usually diabetes linked to an incorrect diet and lifestyle.


One of the most important causes of diabetes is obesity. That is, body fat accumulates in particular cells called adipocytes in fact they have internal spaces called vacuoles in which the fat produced accumulates. Then these fats can be used, if necessary, as reserve substances. In particular, this reserve energy storage system is a useful consequence of evolution. For example, it is important for animals to have energy reserves to survive in periods of food scarcity. But now that food is more abundant in many parts of the planet, this ancestral method of energy storage can have negative consequences. Particularly for this reason proper nutrition is important. That is, an excess of carbohydrates can cause the blood sugar control system to malfunction. In other words, this occurs because a continuous stimulation of the insulin-producing cells reduces their ability to react to the glycemic stimulus. First of all, the treatment of type 2 diabetes must be based on a correct diet and lifestyle. Secondly, there are also drugs useful to cure this problem but without a correct diet they would not be enough. Especially for severe cases of diabetes it is important to follow the advice of your doctor. But a good awareness of one’s food needs is useful to prevent serious diseases or to control them.


A useful tip is to reduce the glycemic intake of complex sugars. That is, reduce the intake of carbohydrates from cereals and sugars. Then prefer sugars that have a lower effect in raising blood sugar such as lactose and fructose. In addition, it is useful to reduce the consumption of foods prepared industrially or in which an excessive amount of sugar is added. Then obviously vegetables, fruit and fibers are very useful.


Nutrition is essential for our survival and good health. First of all, therefore, you have to follow its rules carefully if you want to get health benefits. That is, a diet that is intended for therapeutic fasting should not be improvised. In other words, it is essential to follow precise rules that take into account individual food needs. Then obviously also the characteristics of the food. That is, a purifying and slimming diet should not provide for a calorie restriction of less than 10% of the usual calorie consumption. Moreover, more drastic and prolonged diets over time should be carried out under strict medical supervision. In addition, even if we vary the quantity and quality of foods to lose weight or purify ourselves, we should always be careful to follow a well-balanced diet. That is, that it does not expose us to the risk of deficiencies. An improvised and excessive food restriction could be risky to health. That is, it could circulate toxins and ketone bodies.


Ketosis is an unpleasant consequence of prolonged fasting. That is, the body tries to survive a caloric restriction by consuming first the sugars, then the fats and finally the noble tissues such as muscles. The product of the metabolization of protein structures such as muscles are ketone bodies. Specifically they are called vinegar acetate and beta hydroxybutyrate. Moreover, in the periods of fasting, their excessive presence in the blood would alter its PH and its chemical stability. That is, it could cause serious damage to health. In addition, the danger of ketose is that it is a self-limiting disease. In other words, it amplifies the problem of malnutrition because it produces a feeling of malaise accompanied by anorexia. For example, a feeling of malaise, chills and dizziness followed by a fast could be limited by eliminating the ketone bodies. In other words, the body has evolved an effective method to dispose of them. That is, it has a mechanism that eliminates these substances using glucose. In other words, in minor cases, the feeling of discomfort due to ketosis can be overcome with a glass of water and sugar. Then it would also help to drink plenty of water to dispose of the harmful substances accumulated in the blood through the urine.


Our large intestine contains a bacterial flora with which we live in symbiosis. That is, it is useful for a correct water balance and to avoid dysmicrobism that is the prevalence of harmful bacteria. Then also to synthesize numerous substances essential for a healthy life. For a good functioning of this biosynthetic system, proper nutrition is important and requires a good variety and distribution of these bacterial species. Then these microorganisms feed on what arrives in the intestine. That is, the digestion products of the foods we eat. Furthermore, the variety of bacterial species present in the intestine is linked to the variety of foods we introduce. Then a correct nutrition is also important because in this way the intestinal bacterial flora maintains a stable variety. But sudden unbalanced dietary changes could cause dysmicrobism. That is, an alteration in the composition of the bacterial population with the loss of the intestinal flora of the ability to produce many substances useful to the body. In other words, any dietary change whether based on a restriction or a change in the quality of food must be gradual. That is, I would recommend replacing the usual refined starchy foods, milk, meat and fish with whole grains, kefir, fruit, vegetables, soy cheese for four days. In particular, the replacement must be gradual with a replacement of 25% daily up to 100% on the fourth day. Then continue this diet regimen for another 3 days. It would still repeat this cycle every 3 months. In particular, it has been shown that this dietary behavior extends life, improves health and reduces toxins in the body.
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On the days of this diet, proper nutrition is important so I would recommend drinking up to three liters of water a day and replacing sugar with honey. Then as far as food is concerned, I would recommend a calorie restriction of 10%. In addition, prefer foods that are fresh, easy to digest and rich in fiber. First of all I would start the day by drinking a large glass of water (about 250 grams).
Then I would have breakfast with 300 grams of warm kefir in which I would dissolve a teaspoon of honey. Then I would soak in it 50 grams of wholemeal corn flakes and 30 grams of oats. Finally, I would complete the breakfast with a seasonal fruit.
In the middle of the morning I would eat a carrot
A dish with 60 grams of rice or pasta and legumes seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil or tomato sauce A seasonal fruit.
A glass of fruit smoothie
A plate of green salad with a tablespoon of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, 100 grams of baked salmon or boiled cod
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